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KC2: The Best and Worst in Music

By KBVU on April 1st, 2008

Once again, back its the incredible – ok, sorry…just happend to be listening to some old anthrax/public enemy…anyway, here’s the blog –

courtesy Yahoo! NewsGood thing of the week: The break-up of “Supergroups”

Ok, I don’t know if it’s just me, but right around the early 00’s, there seemed to be an influx of “supergroups”. By this, I mean new bands consisting of members from 2 or more already accomplished bands. Now this seemed all well and good at first. Audioslave released some good stuff. Velvet Revolver had a couple of hits. Army of Anyone has one cool song. Heck, even Transplants, Plus 44, and Angels & Airwaves can be considered supergroups because most all thier members come from previous bands. But now, these groups are causing problems, we miss their former bands. Audioslave was the first to break free. The guys from Rage Against the Machine are getting back together with Zack de la Roca and going on various tours. Chris Cornell, used to the whole supergroup idea after being in 2 now, is doing solo stuff (which is being recieved well). Velvet Revolver looks to be the next to go, as Scott Weiland is re-uniting with the members that went on to form Army of Anyone. So look for STP to come to a venue near you. This leaves the door open for Slash and Co. to talk to Axl, possibly in time for a new GnR album? (see last week’s post). And finally, I like Angels & Airwaves…and I love plus 44…but really…we/I need Blink 182.

Bad thing of the week: Bad ideas.

go to this link – http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/–2162863

then repeat after me… What the F***?


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