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KC2: The best and worst in music

By KBVU on April 9th, 2008

This week…kind of a slow week for groundbreaking-newsworthy-amazing music news. Ummm…guns-n-roses was yet again in the news as one of their former guitarists (not named Slash, Buckethead, Bumblefoot, Izzy, Gunns, Tobias, nor Gilby) was in the headlines as Robin Finck yet again joined Nine Inch Nails. I’m telling you, with all this G-N-R publicity, Tibet will be freed and “the Democracy” will be released.

www.myspace.com/gimmegimmes Good thing of the Week: Covers

Face it. We love covers. Everyone. Yes, you too. While it takes talent and is a beautiful thing when an artists creates something original…there is something primal in our nature – we love when someone else manipulates something – for better or worse. For instance, Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes, Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal, and Disturbed – Land of Confusion…all were big hits for the original artists, then were big hits by the later band. Some people didn’t even know the original versions (sacrilegious, I know). Part of the reason rap is such a popular genre is the sampling of past songs, Run DMC and Aerosmith proved this in the 80’s. Sampling and remixing are both just different forms of “covers”. But the reason why I bring this out now…rap is finally getting their songs handed to them…only better than their own versions.  Check out Travis Barker’s remix of such bad songs as “Low” and “Crank Dat” …they rock now! But seriously, just go on YouTube and search for covers…they are glorious…I especially enjoy Alanis Morrissette making fun of No-Talent-PissPants–I mean Fergie. I just recently aquired a CD entitled “Punk goes Crunk”.  It features Say Anything, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and My American Heart, among others. I love it, I prefer listening to it over Rihanna, Lil John and O’D’B.

Courtesy Alternative PressBad Thing of the Week: Bad Hair

Ok, when did it become ok to look like a tool bag while being a rockstar? Honestly, the mohawk, the skinhead, the ‘fro, and the Tom Delonge…I mean emo – all are “out there” as far as hair styles go…but seriously the rest of you all look like crap. I don’t understand how this came to be a cool thing. The 80’s had the “teased hair” – this was a bad thing, it’s already been decided. The worst part about it, its not just staying within one genre…its bled out to other bands, Hinder’s members can be found with bad hairstyles – yet they are far from “hardcore/emo/screamo/scene” I hear, “oh why can’t you judge just based on the music, its not about the girl jeans and bad hair.” It really is…check anything in the music industry…if you look stupid I don’t like you. I like some of what each genre has to offer. Punk had wrist bands, Rock had tattoos, Metal had chains, Glam rock had eyeliner, Goth had black, Rap has baggy, and JT brought Sexy back. Bad hair, nut-tight jeans, anorexia, terrible screams – count me out.  


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  1. Cheers, i’ve got photos of my new emo haircut
    at http://xrl.us/ouog4

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