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KC2: The Best and Worst in Music

By KBVU on April 15th, 2008

Ok, I guess I’ll tone it down a bit this week. I didn’t realize a topic such as hair was so controversial. And, I will admit this week’s topics are very…how shall I say?  “Sell-Out”. But regardless, I planned on writing about this now, before last week.

Edgefest '08Good thing of the week: Edgefest ‘08

I know, I know…a few people probably rolled their eyes seeing that I am amping this up more. But really, I really do think things like this are good for the music industry. We aren’t in a huge city so that we have automatic crowds and nice big stadiums and venues. Edgefest tries to bring a concert to the people that are far away from all that. Each year the staff tries to get a wide range of styles of bands in the genre of “alternative”. It’s had just about everything, from Bound2Be’s acoustic guitars, keys, and brass instruments…to Facecage heavy metal (cuss words included). The last 2 years, Index Case has been a huge draw for us. The station loves working with them and the fans love seeing them, but in an effort to keep bringing NW Iowa something new – we had to move on without them for now. So, I apologize to their fans, and I hope the bands we bring in this year will entertain you. This year we are proud to present City Sleeps as our headliner. They will be the first band to come from so far away – Atlanta, Georgia. This will pretty much be the most nationally (and internationally) known band to come to Storm Lake. Destrophy will be the big metal band we bring in. They are arguably the biggest metal band in Iowa right now. And as a side note…there’s rumor they will be giving away a guitar at Edgefest! Throw the Fight will be brought back from last year. They were also a huge fan favorite in ‘07, and this year they will be offering something different with a new singer. Mindrite is an amazing band, I remember them winning a battle-of-the-bands way back when I was in a band in high school. Four Word Cause, Here’s My Chance, and Same Sick Feeling are all good up-and-coming bands from central Iowa. While we’re always trying to get the best bands we can…we still support the little guys.

Lazerfest '08Bad Thing of the Week: Lazerfest ‘08

First, I apologize to one of our former KBVU’ers (I know that once you get higher up in the DM radio group…you will put on an awesome concert) Alright, down to business…Kid Rock is your headliner???? WTF? I liked Kid Rock when I was a cocky JH kid that only needed cuss words in my music. While “So Hott” and “Amen” have gotten him back on the charts, it doesn’t mean that they are good enough to warrent him to be the face of your concert. Theory of a Deadman and Finger 11 are good, not great…but I’m sure they will put on a good show. I’m just saying last year…you guys did a pretty good job in getting bands that were popular at the time. Buckcherry made their huge comback with a ton of radio favorites. Saliva made a comback of their own, with the release of “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “Broken Sunday”. Fuel got a new singer, Bullet for My Valentine rocks, Papa Roach is an established band, and Hinder was overplayed…I mean…a radio favorite. That concert looked like a solid line-up and all, yet you still had the nerve to allow Index Case to be kicked off the stage early. You are in Iowa! Defend your fellow Iowans! But I get it, treat every fan like a crazy b****…you’ll F*** ‘em so good, you’re on top of it.  


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