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KC2: The Best and Worst in Music

By KBVU on April 24th, 2008

I’m really busy this week, so I haven’t really had a chance to scope out the industry to see what big things are going on. But in my surfing of the world wide web, I came across really obvious choices that had been in front of my eyes the whole time.

Myspace MusicGood thing of the Week: Myspace

Hands up…who doesn’t have a myspace profile?  I’m gonna guess not many of you raised your hands. Same thing…raise your hand if you have a band as a friend or have checked out a band’s myspace. Myspace has been a god-send for bands in the new millennium. Free promotion at its finest. Many bands can credit Myspace for making them “found”. My Chemical Romance was one of the first bands to really utilize myspace’s potential. Websites like Myspace and PureVolume have put many talent scouts in the unemployment line. KBVU itself uses myspace constantly. This is our major tool for finding and communicating with our events artists. This is where we find many bands to introduce to listeners through our indie playlist. I would give more credit to Wikipedia, because it was recently rated as the best site to go to for music information, but Myspace still is a better tool to introduce people to new bands. Sure there’s a lot of saturation now (over 1 million just in the rock genre) but you go to myspace, click on music…and you’ll see a bunch of artists I’ll bet you’ve not heard much of. Check them out, if you don’t like what you hear, that’s ok…I think one of your friends’ bands just uploaded a song to the world. 

Yahoo MusicBad thing of the Week: Yahoo! Music

Compared to the above site…when you go to the Yahoo Music front page, you see a bunch of artists that everyone knows and I doubt any of you like. I look at their “top 10″ music videos and I see crap. I browse around that first page and the Counting Crows and Lil’ Wayne are just about the only artists I would consider listening to (but that’s when I really want to get outside of my preferences). There’s basically nothing featured on this page except Pop and R&B. It bothers me to think that a site like this doesn’t have a more well-rounded selection. Its “Yahoo!Music” not “Yahoo!PopMusic”. Sites like this just reinforce the over-marketing and over-saturation of Top 40 radio. Sure, the songs are catchy for a while…but pretty soon…the world hates them.


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  1. This is the last of my old blogs from ‘blogs.ucbvu.com’. I also think its my worst as not a lot of thought was put into it. New stuff on the way.

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