Songs I’m addicted to this week

I thought I’d try something that could make this blog thing a little more structured. This way I’ll do something weekly that might interest people. So, these will be a “top 10” songs I’m listening to in the week. Not that it really serves a purpose, but maybe I’ll introduce you to a couple songs you might not have heard.

1. One Republic – Apologize – yeah, I know this song has been out for a while now, but I still love the opening verse a lot and then the lyric “and you say sorry like the angel heaven let me think was you”

2. Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl – I just got introduced to this artist, and I think this song is catchy. I don’t really care whether or not there’s a “lesbian” message…but I do think the taboo nature of the song raises its appeal. Now I wonder if a guy had released this song in an opposite mannor would it be popular at all?

3. H.I.M. – Venus Doom – I don’t know why all pop music seems to hate bass and baritone singing. It seems like no one thinks you are a good singer unless you can hit high notes. Well, Ville Valo shows off his range in this song…check out the low notes he sings in the bridge…amazing.

4. Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino – First time I heard this song come over the radio, I loved it. I’m not a huge Jimmy fan, but I listen to this song all the time. The lyrics just get stuck in my head.

5. Say Anything – I Got Your Money – this song is from the “punk goes crunk” album. (check out any of the ‘punk goes…” if you like covers) Say Anything is great on their own, but they just make this song hilarious to listen to…the crazy thing is – it actually sounds good too.

6. Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding – I love basically everything about this song. It starts with the guitar solo that’s pretty cool, then I really like the guys voice, he used to sing in Motograter and Ghost Machine too. It’s a great “pissed-off-at-your-ex” song. (I have 3 versions of this song, regular, without screaming, and acoustic)

7.  Nickelback – Next Contestant – I know there is an extreme hatred for Nickelback, but I think they write some damn good songs. If these guys aren’t talented, then why does every single they release get heavily requested?

8. Index Case – Underwater – This will be a more obscure one for you, I’m guessing. Its a metal band from Iowa. I got a hold of this song, because my college station worked closely with them, and I got my hands on this track from their upcoming CD.

9. Disturbed – Inside the Fire – This band always puts out brutal CD’s. “Down with the sickness” will always be regarded as this most successful song, but I like this one even better.

10. Bullet for My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall – When this song came out, it was my most played song on winamp. Then I got ahold of the acoustic version. I love it.


3 Responses to “Songs I’m addicted to this week”

  1. Hey – thanks for sharing!! Something like this can really help us all find some new great music… you have definitely inspired me to do this from time to time… I’m going to run off to iTunes now and listen to some of these songs…


  2. how and where did you find the non screaming version of the bleeding by five finger death punch, ive looked everywhere and cant find it

  3. well…that’s the joys of being a music director for a radio station, you get some songs sent to you that aren’t widely released…

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