Why, honestly…why?

Amy Winehouse. Why should I care about her? Why is she always in the headlines? Why did she win so many damn Grammys? Why won’t she go away?

Everytime I go searching around for the latest music news, I always get subjected to this. I first heard of Amy when I was music director for KBVU during 2006-2007. We got her single “Rehab” and was in with other alternative singles. I didn’t upload it – only for the reason I didn’t feel it fit our station’s sound (alternative/active rock). I think you’ll agree on that one. Then I noticed on R&R’s top 40, this song was on the alternative charts! That song (I don’t know about the rest of her songs) fits [today’s] Jazz and Pop. It kept rising and at one point I pulled out the CD and began uploading it. Part way through the song, I was annoyed with it and shut it off…I couldn’t subject our listeners to this.

Amy WinehouseThen the media attention started. I constantly heard how ‘amazing’ this new singer was and how original she and her music was. Then the headlines were all about her drug and addiction problems, then her relationship problems. I really just don’t get why we should care. I don’t understand why she should win awards when there were others that were much more deserving. Record of the year?? Foo Fighters and Justin Timberlake are so much more talented and released great records. Best new artist?? Paramore is better. Song of the year?? “Before He Cheats”, “Hey There Delilah”, or hell even “Umbrella” should have beaten out “Rehab”. Best songwriter??     …    words can not express how wrong that is. Go shave your head and get pregnant so I can stop reading about you. I don’t care about your new found emphysema. Oh, and if she dies from her addictions, I will strangle anyone who compares her to Lennon, Joplin, or Buckley.    


5 Responses to “Why, honestly…why?”

  1. tempusfugittimeflies Says:

    I fully agree with you. Songwritter of the year is quite a shame for “real” artists who deserved more this award than her. I’m pretty sure I would have won a Grammy for singing ” I won’t wash the dishes while I’m sober , I said no, no, no…” with my hair dressed as I just fell from my bed after a party.

    A UK version of Britney Spears , trashy as hell, cash as well for the medias. The auto-destruction of a “star” sells more than a great singer/songwriter who sing with nothing illegal in his/her blood, having a quiet relationship.

    Compare her to Joplin, Buckley and Lennon ? Argh, if you don’t mind I will be more than please to help you to strangle anyone who might mention this !

  2. I really can’t stand Amy Whinehouse in the sense that I think she’s a talented artist and she’s just letting it all go to waste with such a nasty habit–I’m sick of hearing about her drug problems (as if we couldn’t tell by looking at her) and her husband and every other thing that doesn’t pertain to her music.
    So besides the fact that her personal life is pretty insane, you have to admit that she’s a talented artist. I wouldn’t say she’s “original” because it’s clear that her music is a rip from classic soul/jazz/r&b–but I can see why she won so many Grammys…They obviously don’t care about personal life but about the music, which is fair enough I suppose. I agree though–“Before He Cheats” should have won Song of the Year (and I don’t even like country) and winning best songwriter is absolutely ridiculous…But hey, this is why I never watch award shows…

  3. andrewfleer Says:

    To quote Chris Crocker…..


  4. ok im new soooo ya

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