Is it really that bad?

Congratulations Lil’ Wayne on your recent album sales. Now you should thank Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Korn. Sound weird to say? Well, I think its true. They opened a lot of people’s eyes to rap. But I look around now, and everyone talks badly about nu-metal and rap-metal bands. If you think about it, that genre didn’t just tie different genres – it tied races. “Walk This Way” and “Bring the Noise” were the first of their kind to take rap “Black Music” and put it on top of rock music “White Music”. Before these, white kids weren’t really listening to rap and hip-hop. Although, I do credit Eminem with doing the bulk work on getting people to listen to rap.

Rage Against the MachineA little after the millenium switched over…music listeners began looking at Nu-metal negatively. And yet, I notice that Linkin Park’s album sales are still up, they were still heavily requested. Korn still has very successful tours. Now I’m wondering if instead of not liking the music, people are just afraid to admit they like it? Kind of like what happened at the end of the 80’s, people didn’t want to admit they liked glam-metal because Nirvana came out against them.

I think I will have to say that is my one big pet-peeve about the internet and all its wonders. Once a few people come out against something and start flaming others that don’t support them, individuals stop voicing their opinions because they are afraid of being called out. Well I for one support you for what ever you like, don’t be afraid to voice it. Look at Nickelback. Its pretty easy to say they are one of the most hated bands on a lot of discussion boards…but look at their success. You shouldn’t care about what “I_hatethat_05” has to say against you.

But really, am I wrong? Is rap-metal really that bad?


3 Responses to “Is it really that bad?”

  1. andrewfleer Says:

    Yes, rap-metal is bad.

    Yes, Nickelback is bad.

    Yes, Nickelback is popular.

    But, the Nazi party was very popular at one point as well. People say that’s a bad thing too. šŸ˜‰

  2. ok – nickleback is bad yet popular. they have made millions doing the same crap over and over every track. i hate it.

    i used to love limp bizkit. i don’t really think that rap-metal sucks – it was a trend though.

    it will go out just like emo or pop-punk or indie will. (or those genres as we know them)

    i just think it is important for music to evolve and for the listeners to evolve with it.

    bizkit and korn served their purpose.

    intersting topic.

  3. agrees! interesting topic..

    n rap-metal is good.. provided one doesnt over-do it..
    cz if over-done, it can be quite a pain..
    but there hv been some amazin songs like “duality” – slipknot, which has loads of rap, but is probably, the most amazin song ever!

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