Best part of a song 1.2

Continuing off yesterday’s topic, there’s also another thing that is really important when it comes to making or breaking a song. The intro and conversly the ending. This isn’t really a post on why intros/outros are good – more like why they need to be handled cautiously.

Some songs have great intros, they really get you ready for the song. Some songs just jump into the meat without much before hand (which is also fine). But, if you start off a song with a terrible intro…you’re looking at problems. This is especially true in the present where our ADD music listeners have easy access to a “skip” button. Intro not catching your ear, skip to the next song and enjoy! Listeners of the past had only the archaic “fast forward” button. Intro not catching your ear, fast forward to the next song…oh you didn’t hold it long enough, wait this is a good song. As a radio person, the intro is especially important, as it either needs to grab the music director’s attention or get out of the way. If they don’t like what they’re hearing, it wont get added to a station’s playlist. Here’s some intros that I like…

Five Finger Death Punch (The Bleeding) – You get the theme of the song with some nice notes to start off, then the rest of the band comes in…and then, a pretty cool guitar solo.

Tool (Ticks & Leeches) – Tool is always good for a lengthy intro. This one gets some drums going, then a build-up with the guitars, hour later…a little screaming to lead you into the song.

Beethoven’s Fifth – Ok, its kind of cheap for me to throw in Beethoven into this list, but really…EVERYONE knows this intro…Da da da DAAAA…now try to think of the rest of the song.

A couple bad intros – She Wants Revenge (Tear You Apart) :30+ of nothing but a drum track…not even a buildup. Buckcherry (Broken Glass) If you aren’t a good screamer…dont start a song with you trying to. 

Then just real quick on outros. Do NOT do the fade. Worst ending for a song ever. It basically makes me feel like you weren’t creative enough to figure out how to end your own damn song. 80’s music – you are especially bad about this. But more recently…Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – had a perfectly good song in Guardian Angel…but then you did the fade out…BAD.



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