Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

I think it’s been a week since the last time I did this. Let me know what you think. Should be a couple at least in here that will be new for you.


1. Plus 44 – No it Isn’t – This was the first song the world heard from this Blink-182 spin off. It was “leaked” right on Tom Delonge’s (Angels & Airwaves) birthday. I think the entire Plus 44 album is great, but this one really hits hard in the songwriting. The lyrics are a definite “F*** You Tom”.

2. Adema – Planets – Adema is on like their 3rd lead singer now. I actually bought their latest CD, cause it was cheap. It was a pretty good buy, not like it was amazing, but it was worth the $8. The title track was also on that dreadful movie “Cry Wolf”, but don’t hold that against it.

3. City Sleeps – Prototype – This is a relatively new band from Atlanta, Ga. Prototype is my favorite song of theirs. Its got a great feel to it and the lyrics are great.

4. Dropping Daylight – Tell Me – Its great when a band can incorporate piano as a main portion of their rock sound. These guys from Minnesota really impressed me with this single from their “Brace Yourself” album. He’s a pretty good singer, he jams out on those keys, and his little brother rocks the guitar tracks.

5. Dry Cell – Brave – I love the guitar riff for this song. The chorus is really catchy. I first got intoduced to this band from the “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack.

6. Eve 6 – Think Twice – eve 6 is always good for a catchy song. This one has an especially hard hitting chorus. Its a great song for the “over-protective boyfriend” types.

7. Hurt – Rapture – I really got into this band when this single was released. Its a cool hard rock song. And, the lyrics are nuts. But what I’m really addicted to now is the acoustic version. I really like when bands do acoustic covers of thier songs. Rapture is just another positive addition to the acoustic works.

8. Neurosonic – So Many People – A heavy hitting song that has a lot of humor in it. This band just rips into Ashlee Simpson and artists like her. “Everything under the Sun going to hell in an episode of SNL” and “So what would you know about how your song goes?”  – are just a couple examples of the lyrical stabs.

9. Seether – No Jesus Christ – It starts out with this cool mellow repetative bassline. And my friend who’s majoring in economics loved that he uses the lyric “before you hedge those bets”. Then it builds up to 1:44, when Shaun Morgan screams the lyrics and the guitars break loose.

10. Soulidium – The Light – This is one of my favorite riffs, its simple and just makes you bang your head. I find myself just singing the chorus as I go about my day. Its just a good, simple hard rocking song.

Click for music video


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