10 mash ups

This is off request from a friend interested in my “10 lists”. A “mash-up” is nothing new, they’ve been circling around the internet and clubs for years now. They are ultimately one of the coolest things ever. Take equal parts from 2 or more songs, combine…and enjoy the listening aura. While there are combinations that work suprisingly well…there are quite a few that are not good. Sometimes its not the songs’ fault as it is the “dj” mixing them. These 10 are my favorite examples of Mash-ups. They work, they sound good, they almost sound like they were supposed to mixed together.

10. NIN (The Hand That Feeds) vs Ludacris (Fantasy) – Trent Reznor basically makes all of his music like its accessable to be mixed. Also check out NIN vs 50 Cent “Closer In Da Club”.

9. Trust Co. (Downfall) vs 50 cent (If I can’t) – Angry, black, cocky rap lyrics combined with angry, white, cocky rock guitars. A mix Kidrock could only dream of. It gets a little muddy at some points, but its a heavy hitting song.

8. Blur (song 2) vs  Gwen Stefani (crash) – Take one bad Gwen song, mix it with one of the most fun songs in rock music. “Woo Hooo” just got sexier.

7. Black Sabbath (Paranoid) vs Electric 6 (Gay Bar) – This one is for hilarities sake. I mean cmon, the Electric 6 song is funny enough on its own…now add the “lords of darkness” – classic.

6. No Doubt (Keep Dancing) vs Eminem (Without Me) – This is one of those suprising mixes. But, on the other hand, both songs have a fairly simple beat. So its easy to see how that part fits together…but anytime you mix Eminem with fun and poppy, it seems awkward.

5. Foo Fighters (Times Like These) vs Guns-n-Roses (Sweet Child o’ Mine) – A rare, non-rap mix. These are just 2 cool, mellow songs that mix into yet another calm melody.

4. Sevendust (Angel’s Son) vs Bubba Sparxxx (Deliverence) – Bubba Sparxxx is more known for repetative booty and having it be everywhere, rock-n. I love the original Sevendust song, and Bubba doesn’t ruin it in this mix.

3. NIN (Closer) vs StaticX (Trance is the Motion) – Didn’t I tell you that Nine Inch Nails mixes well? This is no different. There’s just something that is eerie and badass about this combination.  

2. Linkin Park (One Step Closer) vs Jay-Z (99 Problems) – I named those 2 songs for aesthetic reasons only. You can pretty much take any song and mix it with Jay-Z, and it will work. There’s that entire Jay-Z/Linkin Park collaboration thing. Then the “Grey Album” that mixes his Black Album with the Beatles White Album. Then the Double-Black album that mixes with Metallica’s Black album (although I think only a couple of those songs actually work well). There’s Jay-Z and J.Dupri mixed with Korn – Freak on a Leash. Oh, and as if his mixes weren’t enough…his girl gets in on the mixed action. Beyonce vs Saliva – “Crazy Baby Boom”.

1. Nivana (Teen Spirit) vs Michael Jackson (Billie Jean) – This was actually the very first mash-up I came across. It’s very well mixed. There’s a point where the guitars pick up and Michael’s vocals get harsher all at the same time. I almost thought they must have actually had Michael re-do the tracks. And, I gotta think Kurt is rolling in his grave over this one. He’d hate for his stuff to be mixed with pop, I think. But, hey don’t worry Kurt…I illegally downloaded it off the internet – damn the man.


3 Responses to “10 mash ups”

  1. andrewfleer Says:

    Man, I’m a little upset that you left out the mashup causing our spring break to be awkward…

  2. Which one was that??

  3. slatermaxwell Says:

    I like that you chose Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer rather than Numb/Encore that everyone else usually chose/requested. I think Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer is the best one off the CD.

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