Unsigned/Indie – A band review

Today I thought I would try something new. Unknown bands can use all the publicity they can get. So, I’m going to write a few reviews on unsigned/indie bands that I come accross. These will be ones that I like enough to want to introduce them to others.

Today’s band – Throw the Fight
Throw the Fight
James – Vocals
Ryan – Guitar
Joey – Guitar
Aaron – Bass
Cory – Drums

This is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN.  If you ever get a chance to see thses guys touring around the midwest, you’ll get treated to a high energy performance. With their former frontman, this band was a lot more punk infused. But now with James, this band keeps its punk influence, but gained more melody and turned up the distortion on the guitars. Some good comparisons would be The Almost, Evans Blue, and Finch. You can check them out on myspace and at www.throwthefight.com.


One Response to “Unsigned/Indie – A band review”

  1. Sorry. Just another sound the same 2000’s band.

    Now the critic has a critic!

    Keep ’em coming kc2

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