I’d like to hear fireworks this way.

Ah yes, the 4th of July…that special time of year when America points 2 middle fingers up at the atmosphere and lets the smoke fly. As if we didn’t prove how much energy we use through the rest of the year…on this one special day, we get to show the world that we can wreck the ozone the old fashioned way – and we do it in style. Now, I’m not here to critisize the fireworks…I like bombs bursting in air just as much as the next guy, the bigger the better. But coming home from the Hollywood bowl tonight, I realized that I would have liked something different besides the LA philharmonic and Randy Newman – with all due respect. This is my (yes, top 10) list of songs/bands that would be awesome with patriotic fireworks. (Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner gets “honorable mention” because that would be cheating to put it on the list.)


10. Angels & Airwaves (The War) – C’mon, Tom Delonge already stated that he wrote the songs for “We Don’t Need to Whisper” while surrounded by images of war. So really these songs are ready made for fireworks. Just imagine the rockets shooting up everytime that snair hits in the beginning.

9. Audioslave (Set it Off) – I can see it now…Morrello has all kinds of political stuff set up before the show. The chorus for this song really sets the stage for a good sky fire show. Other acceptable songs Tom could play would be “Bombtrack” or “Calm Like a Bomb” just for added affect.

8. Saliva (Ladies and Gentlemen) – Seriously, did they just write this song for pyrotechnics? They say “boom” well over 20 times in this song. Oh yeah, real explosions would work great with that.

7. Green Day (The Saints are Coming [w/ U2]) – First off, don’t use “American Idiot” that would be very untimely. But this little collaboration worked great as an anthem for New Orleans, and I know the shot off fireworks during football games.

6. Guns-N-Roses (Cival War) – Now this would be a good one if you’re a protestor or you’re starting a rally and you’re not quite sure what music is appropriate, but you still want to be patriotic.

5. Nickelback & Kidrock (Saturday Night) – What? Its not like we can use that BRITISH guy’s version! Again think cocky america…only one night a week. Think of the added bonus you get on the years that the 4th falls on a Saturday.

4. Megadeth (Crush ‘Em) – This is another song that seems to have the perfect drums to be in sync with some sky rockets. Definitly makes for a cocky-America fireworks show.

3. Foo Fighters (There Goes My Hero) – With a drum intro like that, its a perfect set up for some intro fireworks. And the great part about this song, it can be used to honor somebody. Really make it seem like the song was played just for them. But remember, the fireworks are where everyone should stay focused. So honor the person right before Dave plays that song.

2. Creedence Clearwater Revival (Fortunate Son) – How could this song not go on a list of all-american songs? Think of the finale getting more and more intense with every “It ain’t me”.  

1. Pantera (Cowboys From Hell) – Badass does not describe enough how cool this is as a patriotic song. The guitar riff is one of the greatest sounds of all time. Add one all-American fireworks show – and you’ve got yourself a great country.


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