Slipknot’s New Masks

Well, the “underground” marketing has begun. The guys from Slipknot have been increasing the number of interviews, video clips, and song samples released on the internet. Seems like every metal-news site has something about Slipknot and their new album. “All Hope is Gone” gets released this August. Of course with a new album, comes a new set of masks for the band.

There had been rumor that Slipknot would go unmasked, as most any fan has caught glimpse of their faces after various interviews, DVD’s, and side-projects. Then there were the “teaser” pics of Slipknot with weird “big head” masks. To me, it was obvious they wouldn’t actually use the big masks…that would just be awkward on stage.

Slipknot officially showed the world their new masks on July 1st. You can check out more of the pics at  — These are my rating$ of the masks.

Sid – His old mask looked like the Crypt Keeper on steriods and was pretty creepy. This new one is sort of robotic and inhuman. It has crazy eyes too. Overall, I like it, I think it fits his role as the DJ guy. rating – $$$

Joey – His old mask was cool, creepy, and simple. White with black features. His new one has ripped “flesh” and a crown of thorns sits on top of his head. While kinda cool lookiing, I think only adds to the proof of Joey’s pretentiousness. rating – $$$

Paul – He didn’t change much on his mask. I liked his old one but now this one just looks cracked and worn. But, it does keep his Hannibal look. rating – $$

Chris – Keeps up his Pinocchio look. But steps it up to a “steel-puppet” look. Its a pretty badass change. rating – $$$$

James – His masks have always reminded me of a cross between the Joker and the Crow. This time he follows his bandmates’ trend and added a zipper. rating – $

Craig – He didn’t change much at all. Maybe more spikes and a bigger head. rating – $

Shawn – He stays with his clown mask…sort of. This time a lot more black. He took away the paint, added leather, and kept the nose. rating – $$$

Mick – His mask has always been my favorite. The very last thing you ever want to see in a dark alley. It doesn’t help that he himself is so big. The new one has very subtle changes. Some sharper edges and an angrier expression. rating – $$$

Corey – This mask is actually a throw back to his first mask. White simple “skin” with big holes for eyes and mouth is the only design of it. No dreadlocks with this mask though. Its definitly nothing like his Vol.3 mask. rating – $$


3 Responses to “Slipknot’s New Masks”

  1. randi jo anderson Says:

    i love the new mask they kick ass i love you guys so muchlol just siting in school looking at them i love joey’s mask it fucking aswsom lol and when i lost my boyfriend yours songs help me throw it no matter what i listen to them lol and they help he was a slipknot fan too hope you guys email me when you not busy lol. pce out mother fuckers!!!

    love randi

    ps keep rocking

  2. hi my name is bradley and me and my m8 love slipknot can u send me a emil back thanks

  3. hi my name is tj i love slipknot i think you guys are the best you rock i love joeys i play drums i hope to be come good like joey and my other mate bradley loves mick tompsom we hope to be come just like you and the best of luck to all of you guys makes some more good songs replay back soon buy.

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