Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

I actually went more into my back cataloge this week for my listening tastes. So there’s not a whole lot of new stuff on this one.

1. Say Anything – Shiksa – I love the humor that Say Anything brings to their songs. This one is no exception. Hell the opening lyric is “I remember it vividly love, I’ve been walking erect since the moment we met.” 

2. Paramore – Hallelujah – This one is just a calm but hard hitting emotional song. I get the little melody of the way she sings “Hallelujah” stuck in my head…of course I can’t actually sing it, cause it’s way out of my range. 

3. Rob Zombie – Blitzkrieg Bop – This is off of a Ramones tribute album. While I like the original much better. This one just has something that draws me to it. It has taken out the “fun” and added “creepy”. 

4. Egypt Central – You Make Me Sick – From a fairly new band, this is just a cool and catchy song. And, I love the confused sense of the chorus, “You make me sick, but I love what we’re doing here”. 

5. Muse – Hysteria – The bass line is one of the coolest things ever. And, I think Muse’s frontman is one of the most talented men in music today. 

6. Sign of One – Slip – A band I came across on myspace. Slip is just an awesome heavy hitting song. The lyrics constantly get stuck in my head. 

7. Coheed & Cambria – Welcome Home – First off, I’m not a huge Coheed fan. I just have a couple of their songs, this one reminds me of old Metallica. It starts off with an acoustic bit, then hits with heavy guitars. 

8. Vincent Black Shadow – Fear’s In The Water – She’s got a great voice and it blends well with the guitars in this song. This song has sort of a myserious vibe to it.


9. The Used – Pretty Handsome Awkward – I really like the guitar riff in this song. The whole thing sounds a bit different than other Used songs. I thought it was great when they used this song for the car chase scene in Transformers.

10. Trust Company – Running From Me – Trust Co. is always good for a heavy guitar riff. Some breathy vocals and non-stop guitar make this one enjoyable for me. Nothing amazing, just catchy.


2 Responses to “Songs I’m Addicted to This Week”

  1. Ditto on Muse. I’ve been listening to them for about 4 years now. I think their best is yet to come. No two albums sound the same and the creative brilliance of Matt Bellamy is unlike any other of this decade.

    My favorite Muse song to date is Stockholm. It took me awhile to get into their latest album but once I did, it showed me the true creative force that Muse is.

  2. Agreed, Stockholm Syndrome rocks.

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