Unsigned/Indie – Destrophy

Destrophy is arguably the best metal band in Iowa right now. I’ve only caught their live show once, but it was amazing. They’re a 4-piece band from the Des Moines area and they’ve been around since 2002. Now, with today’s music listeners, its hard to put a band into the “metal” category without getting ripped apart for how un-metal they are or for how much they rip off the riffs of some other bands. (for examples of this, check out anything on blabbermouth.com) But, Destrophy is a band I am willingly sticking my neck out for to say they are an awesome METAL band.

Ari is a good musician. I always have a little bit more respect for a guy that not only plays guitar but also is the frontman. He has to put on a good show while being glued to a mic-stand. *Sidenotes* I know a few ladies that are attracted to this future rockstar. And, they do a cool cover of Paint it Black. **

The bands sound is fairly unique. They do a good job of mixing thrashing guitar riffs, melody, anthem-like choruses, and overall brutality. One refreshing thing I find about this band, is that they take the “Metallica” approach to metal. They don’t rely on masks, paint or strange clothing/costumes. Some comparisons would be… Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, Dope, and Motograter. You can check them out for yourself at www.destrophy.com and www.myspace.com/destrophy .


One Response to “Unsigned/Indie – Destrophy”

  1. kramerguitars Says:

    I thought you might dig this being a fan of Destrophy.


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