shuffle life soundtrack

I was kind of bored today, thought this would be fun to do. Some of these turned out pretty good or funny. Try it for yourself 🙂

Directions: Put your music on shuffle!
Opening credits montage: Green Day – Burn Out
You are born: Taproot – Breathe
Taking your first step: Styx – Mr. Roboto
The toddler years: Korn – No way
Starting school: Sixx AM – Tomorrow
Your first childhood crush: Hinder – By The Way
Starting highschool: Staind – For You
Highschool drama: Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
Summer romance: New Found Glory – All Downhill from Here
Wild party: Pantera – Revolution is My Name
Having a major crush: Incubus – Are You In
First boyfriend/girlfriend: Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
First breakup: Orgy – Blue Monday
major depression: Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
graduating highschool: Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
saying goodbye to all your highschool friends: Eminem – Still Don’t Give a F***
starting college: My Chemical Romance – How I Disappear
college stress: Theory of a Deadman – Since You’ve Been Gone
partying, partying parting!: Soulidium – The Light
family drama: Stone Sour – Sillyworld
meeting a new guy/girl: Jack Johnson – Do You Remember
longterm dating: Audioslave – Like a Stone
graduating college: Fallout Boy – Dance, Dance
realizing that you’ve fallen in love: Blue October – What If We Could
starting a new job: Sum 41 – We’re all to Blame
moving into an apartment: Saliva – Always
troubles at work: Chevelle – Get Some
proposing/ being proposed to: R.Kelly/Kidrock – Rockstar
planning the wedding montage: Bush – Speed Kills
getting married: Plus 44 – 155
finding out that you’re pregnant: Disturbed – Mistress
having your first child: Incubus – Favorite Things
more true love: Queen – Killer Queen
major fight with your spouse: HIM – Razzorblade Kiss
you and your spouse split up: Jay Z – 99 Problems
child get in trouble: Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot
making up with your spouse: Seether – Truth
renewing your vows: Madina Lake – Here I Stand
midlife crisis: Steppenwolf – the Pusher
family christmas: Metallica – Crash Course in Brain Surgery
“everythings gonna be okay moment”: Megadeth – In My Darkest Hour
kid gets married: Incubus – Southern Girl
kid gets pregnant: Sugarcult – Memory
kid has baby: Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine
watching your grandchild grow: Blink 182 – All Of This
retirment: Linkin Park – One Step Closer
car accident: Guns-n-roses – Out ta Get Me
house burns down: Tool – Ticks & Leeches
more family drama: Slipknot – The Blister Exists
almost dead: Nirvana – Man Who Sold the World
death: Crossfade – So Far Away
funeral: Hurt – Rapture
life goes on without you: Hed P.E. – Killing Time
end credits: American Hi-Fi – Another Perfect Day
done: P.O.D. – Rock the Party


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