Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

This is my list of tracks I’ve been hooked on for the week. There might be a couple songs that will be new for you. Check ’em out.

1. P.O.D. – Addicted – I liked P.O.D. when they first came out. I ignore when bands are labeled (or label themselves) “Christian”. Southtown was a pretty cool song when it came out, and it fit into the day’s rap-rock. I wasn’t as big a fan of their later stuff, but I was instantly hooked on this song when I heard it on the radio.

2. Blue October – For My Brother – I was watching my Blue October “Argue with a Tree” DVD and got reaquainted with this song. It’s got great lyrics, and hits a little harder for me now while my brother is in boot camp.

3. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American – This is one of those catchy-as-hell songs and I have no clue what the lyrics are talking about. Fun to sing along to, even if I am just mumbling for the most part.

4. Jack Johnson – Imagine – Already a great song when Lennon wrote it. Then I also love the APC version. I came across this one and really like it too. Its a great song with a cool meaning.

5. Otep – Ghostflowers – This is a really heavy badass song. Simply put.

6. Chris Cornell – Billie Jean – I got this randomly. It’s Chris during a live performance. It’s a cool slowed down version of MJ’s song. Chris’s voice really rings out on it too.

7. Disturbed – Criminal – I think it’s been established that the new Disturbed album is pretty cool. This is just another song that rules off of it.

8. Saving Abel – Addicted – I shouldn’t like this song…its yet another named “addicted”. It trys way to hard to be dirty. It has a very sexual video, literaly. But, I still kept adding it to my playlists this week and singing along.

9. Sick Puppies – My World – I was skeptical of this band when they came out, I think it’s a bad name for a rock band. But I think their music is good. As an added bonus, their bass player is hot.

10. Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake – This is one of my favorite songs to workout with. Heavy metal riffs, blazing solos, crazy drum beats, and spoken word verses about the war in Iraq.


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