10 Guitarists Duos

Ok, so I figured out how I want to go at listing my top guitarists. I have 3 lists. Top Guitarist-Frontmen (they sing lead and play), Top Guitar Duos (neither sing) and Top Solo Guitarists (the only melody maker and doesn’t really sing). So, 7/17/08 was Frontmen, 7/18/08 will be Duos, and 7/19/08 will be alone-s. And, maybe I will do a ”best of” compilation after that…I don’t know yet. So for today enjoy my top 10 guitar-tandems. 

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10. Zoltan Bathory & Darrell Roberts (Five Finger Death Punch) – These guys managed to make my list because of the work they did on one song. “The Bleeding” is awesome, I love that song. I love the acoustic version too. Zoltan is formerly from U.P.O. and Darrell is from W.A.S.P. – these guys ditched the acronyms and now are making pretty cool music one one of today’s promising new acts. [favorite work – um, read that last paragraph 😉 ]

9. Munky & Head (Korn, Creep) – I’m over Korn now…but through high school and junior high, they were my favorite band. James and Brian were the kings of the 7-string, de-tuned axes. When Head left to pursue the accult, I mean religion, Korn lost it’s creativity. He was always the better of the 2 guitarists. [favorite work – Blind]

8. Joel Stroetzel & Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) – Adam is kind of a wildcard in this tandem, he used to be the drummer, then switched to guitar. He does a lot of the mixing for Killswitch’s albums. But then, he has a really bad back that puts him on the sidelines for much of their touring. Luckily, Joel is solid and their music rocks. [favorite work – The End of Heartache]

7. Herman Li & Sam Totman (Dragonforce) – I really wasn’t going to include these guys, it would be too cliche’…but then again, the band kind of celebrates “cliche” and then takes it faster than the speed of sound. I think both of these guys’ hands clock in at about mach 3 on the fretboard. Their almost like nerd-metal with their video game themed music and videos. [favorite work – Through the Fire and Flames]

6. Ray Toro & Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) – Love ’em or hate ’em, MCR has gotten to be extremely popular and they have the internet to thank for that. From myspace to the Black Parade, I myself have been caught up trying to decide if I like the band or not. Toro is really the most talented member of the band. [favorite work – Welcome to the Black Parade]

5. Paul Landers & Richard Kruspe (Rammstein) – Industrial metal at its finest. These 2 combine for some massive riffs from Germany’s most taboo musicians. I have no clue what the lyrics are saying, and most of America doesn’t either. So, it’s obvious these songs rule because of the guitars. [favorite work – Feuer Frei]

4. Chris Howorth & Blake Bunzel (In This Moment) – Newcomers to the Rock/Metal scene, if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you probably noticed I’m a big fan of this band. Next time you come across this band, take a good listen to the guitars, I think you’ll enjoy them. Chris is pretty badass and he never really took lessons. [favorite work – Prayers]

3. Jim Root & Mick Thompson (Slipknot) – It’s hard to stand out in this 9-piece band. You’ve got Corey and Joey being the most prominent figures, Pinnochio and Clown running around, doing god-knows-what at performances, and that’s not even half of the band. But yet, what truely makes Slipknot cool is those badass guitar riffs. I know a lot of fans don’t think Vol:3 is their best, but I love the guitar work in that album. [favorite work – The Nameless] 

2. Zacky Vengeance & Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) – Ever since I saw the video for “Bat Country” I knew this was going to be a pretty cool guitar duo. This tandem plays well off each other, Syn definitly stands out, but Zack holds his own. I was so proud of myself when I finally got to 5 stars on Guitar Hero II’s Beast and the Harlot. [favorite work – Almost Easy]

Go to fullsize image1. Mark Morton & Willie Addler (Lamb of God) – Easily the best one-two punch in today’s metal. And if you don’t agree, you’re wrong. I have to admit, I some how didn’t catch glimpse of LoG until that Guitar Hero II was put into my playstation. After that, I set out to find more music from these guys. What I found was even more badass. Lamb of God IS metal. They’ve got the perfect vocalist, perfect drummer, and perfect guitarists for metal. Every song I’ve heard from them, the guitars are sick. It was hard to pick a favorite track just for guitars. [favorite work – Ashes of the Wake]


4 Responses to “10 Guitarists Duos”

  1. brennon thornton Says:

    dude this list sucks. you forgot bullet for my valentine as number 2. and avenged sevenfold should have been 1. no one can shred like them.
    another thing, take my chemical romance out. period. good band, but not worthy of the best guitarists…. thats all ther is to it. and who the hell is in this moment anyway?

  2. brennon thornton Says:

    and also, lamb of god is too heavy.

  3. brennon thornton Says:

    and they suck too. i forgot that

  4. um…BFMV doesn’t actually count, because Tuck is singing, that goes against my rules I set up. MCR’s guitarists have suprising technical skills. You don’t know In This Moment…study up on your latest music. Lamb of God’s guitarists are sick, and oh yeah, this isn’t about “best” it’s about favorites. If I went with best, at least half of these wouldn’t be on the list.
    But at least we agree that Avenged Sevenfold is cool.

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