Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

I went with a little older tastes this week. Couple newer songs though…

1. Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire – I think Bullet’ is a pretty cool band. I really liked some of the songs off their debut album, and their follow up isn’t so bad either. It kind of reminds me of old Metallica. This song is cool, then it has a heavy hitting bridge with a sweet guitar solo.

2. Pearl Jam – Love Reign o’er Me – I was watching the VH1 Rock Honor’s The Who, and Pearl Jam did this one live. I think they do a good job with it. I think its funny, ’cause now its another Pearl Jam cover (Last Kiss) that I prefer over their original stuff.

3. Buckcherry – Too Drunk – Well, lets face it, this is going to be another song that gets played constantly at parties. I’m just latching on before it gets tiring. Its really just Buckcherry doing what they do best – raunchy drug and sex filled rock.

4. Demon Hunter – Annihilate the Corrupt – I found this on a CD full of “hardcore-screamo-metal” bands. I thought this was misplaced, because it’s actually pretty cool. Aggressive and heavy.

5. Flobots – Handlebars – This is a newer band that does weird altern-rap. It’s not something I would normally listen to, but damn, its catchy and gets stuck in my head!

6. Iron Maiden – Wrathchild – We’ll just call this my “classic” track for the week. I was playing Guitar Hero: 80’s, and got hooked for a while. This is my favorite song to play off that game. (I’m really not THAT obsessed with GH)

7. Skindred – Bruises – If I was a boxer/wrestler/UFC fighter…this would be my entrance song. It’s like if I got in a fight, I would hope someone has their car close enough, so we could blast this song for me. Skindred is cool and unique…what other bands out there today really mix metal with reggae this well?

8. Plus 44 – I Am One – Another cover for this week. Originally done by Smashing Pumpkins, I can only find this song on +44’s myspace. It’s just cool and different, not like amazing or anything.

9. Velvet Revolver – Slither – This song is the whole reason I bought VR’s debut album. It’s the only song, for me, that comes close to the gold that Slash & co created in Guns-n-Roses. I also think Weiland is at his best here.

10. Anthrax – Random Acts of Senseless – I happend to stick this in my CD player while driving a couple days ago, and I ended up pumping up the volume, remembering how cool this song is. Consequently, I realized my foot seemed to be getting heavy, so I had to tone back the testosterone driving.


3 Responses to “Songs I’m Addicted to This Week”

  1. i’m really groovin on the new albums by coldplay and death cab. Death cab especially is evolving on the latest “Narrow Stairs” album. They have found music it seems.

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