Best use of songs in soundtracks.

I’m diving back into the movie side of the entertainment industry again. I was just watching a couple movies this weekend, and thought, “that was a badass use of that song for this scene”. See as follows:

Mudvayne – Forget to Remember (SAW II) – I love the SAW movies. They bring a new twist to the gore genre. After this movie goes haywire, the credits roll and this song starts – awesome. The music video is one of the best, I think, in terms of really working with the movie. Some music videos just make random cuts to movie scenes, but this one really integrates the concept.

Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up & Calm Like a Bomb (Matrix) – They used Rage to end both the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded. C’mon, I think that’s perfect. Rage…against the MACHINE….get it? 😉 But also, those were cool songs to walk out of the theater with after the movies were done.

The Used – Pretty Handsome Awkward (Transformers) – Here’s one that I’m not just talking about the credits. This is seriously a cool guitar riff, and it works perfectly with a car chase. Heck, I even push a little harder on the gas pedal when this song is on in my own car.

Foo Fighters – My Hero (Varsity Blues) – Ok, if I remember right, they use this song twice. Which you really shouldn’t do, one use per movie only. I don’t remember the 2nd time, but when the song intro starts while they are dramatically lining up for a play…that’s a great usage.

Black Sabbath – Ironman (Iron Man) – Seriously, if you didn’t see this coming… 😛 What other song would fit this movie this absolutely perfect, if cliche’. Pretty much one of the oldest songs in heavy metal and still pretty cool.

Static-X – Cold (Queen of the Damned) – I would have used any of the songs Jonathan Davis did for the movie, but I wanted to stick to songs done originally before the movie. This is one of Static-X’s coolest songs. And, it fits with the whole “cold” and cold-blooded vampires. I chose not to use Deftones – Change, because they use that song in a ton of soundtracks.

Disturbed – Down With the Sickness (Dawn of the Dead, 2004) – The remake for Dawn of the Dead is pretty cool in itself. But this song fits perfectly. Sickness = Zombie Virus, wink-wink. But what really makes the song fit for me, is the use of Richard Cheese’s version during the movie, its hilarious. Side note – this song is ALSO in the Queen of the Dammed.

Foo Fighters – Tired of You (I Think I Love My Wife) – Not a terribly good movie, but it does have one saving grace. This Foo Fighters song is used as a sort of theme through a couple scenes in the movie. I think those were the two times that I looked up from my computer screen to the TV screen while it was on.

System of a Down – Lonely Day (Disturbia) – Shia Labeouf is being groomed as Hollywood’s future. He plays a much better nervous insecure guy than Jason Biggs. This System’ song just helps to prove how bored Shia is after being put under house arrest.

Metallica – I Disappear (Mission Impossible II) – Rumor has it that Metallica was not expecting to write this song. They were under the belief that a song was done to match the movie, and that the producers just wanted Metallica’s “sound” for it. The guys were on the way to the studio to record it when they learned that it was not already written for them. So in a half hour drive, they came up with a cooler song than anything in their Load, Reload, and St. Anger albums. It would also be the last song Jason Newstead would ever be a part of. I really like the video for it too. Oh, honorable mention…I loved the Limp Bizkit version of the MI theme song.


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