Unsigned/Indie: A California Band

This will be my 3rd band “review”. I think I will try to get a band in each state, depending on my laziness and what’s out there…(I’ll take suggestions, its not like I know every rock band in the US…lol).

I used to live in the midwest, so I know there are a ton of good bands in that area. But, I think everyone has to admit that there is a ton of bands in California. This is where everyone comes to ‘make-it’ and be found. Bands don’t write songs about Montana (no offense), but they do write “From Oakland to Sacktown, the Bay area and back down” and “Cause I’m goin to Hollywood. I’m chasin my dreams again.” Look up “songs about california” on wikipedia…it’s pretty much the longest list I’ve ever seen. Then go on myspace and see how many bands claim CA as their home base. So, the question becomes, how do I choose a band to feature under my “unsigned/indie”? Well, I’m not going to declare a “best” that’s for sure. But I can show you a band that seemed to stick out to me. I mean, cmon, its got to count for something if a random LA band caught my (random person) eye.

That band is Trigger Point. Started in the early years of the new millenium, this metal band offers quite a few good tunes. They’ve got good heavy riffs, solid drumming, and vocals that dip into “hardcore” without being overbearing. Their music is definitly heavy and probably could get defined using some ‘core suffix. But, I also think it’s close to being radio friendly, with a few lyrical edits. I guess I would compare them to Atreyu, Otep, and Bloodsimple.

“A Silent Protest” is my favorite song from them, and it has a pretty cool video. The shaking effect is kinda cool and different. Check out this band on myspace. Another cool thing about this band: they went on an entire US tour that only fans booked. They may not be the best band in California, but they’re definitly better than a lot of the others.


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