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Songs I’m Addicted to this Week

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Alright, I took a couple weeks off. I’ve got some new ideas…no guarantees I’ll post everyday though. I guess if you have any ideas that you want my opinion on, I would try that. But for now, here’s a new list of songs I’ve been listening to that you should check out.

1. Godhead – Eleanor Rigby – Covering the Beatles is a very risky decision. Godhead is not the greatest metal band in the world, but this is definitly a cool take on a classic song.

2. Chastain – Black Knight – I doubt you’ve heard of this band, I hadn’t until a couple weeks ago when I read about them in Guitar World magazine. Basically, it’s one of those 80’s bands with a virtuoso guitarist. They actually had a female singer too. This has a cool riff and the guitar solos are sick.

3. Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopopotomus vs Rhymenoceros – If you haven’t heard of this 2-man comic group, try catchin their show on cable or YouTube some videos. They are hilarious and the songs are actually pretty good. They are like the New Zealand version of Tenacious D, less metal…more dry humor.

4. Brian ‘Head’ Welch – Flush – This is the first single from the former Korn guitarist. If you hadn’t heard, he quit drugs, Korn, and found God. Honestly, this song annoyed me when I first heard it, but it’s grown on me. You can definitly tell he was the best musician in Korn.

5. Breaking Benjamin – Natural Life – Its not like I just recently ‘found’ this song, but I did get reaquainted with it this week. It qualifies as having a sweet intro. I love that simple-but-heavy riff.

6. Blue October – What if We Could – This is a great song. One of my favorites off their “Foiled” album. I’m actually suprised it wasn’t released as a single. It starts off very calm, and then escalates to an angst filled bridge.

7. Fallout Boy – Beat It – Yeah, they covered Michael Jackson. And, John Mayer joined them to do it. It’s not terrible. It was a catchy song when MJ did it, and its a catchy song still.

8. Lamb of God – Hourglass – This song has stepped up as my new favorite Lamb of God song, and favorite song to listen to while working out. I think I’m pretty much set that this is the perfect metal band. Their drummer is amazing, their guitars rock, the vocals are top-notch, and try to find holes in the bass playing.

9. 3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time – It’s not like they are the greatest band ever, but they write some cool songs. This new song ranks right up there with ‘Kryptonite’, ‘Here Without You’, and ‘Behind Those Eyes’. So, of course it’ll get a ton of radio play.

10. Serj Tankian – Sky is Over – Since I can’t bring myself to listen to “Scars on Broadway”, I’ll have to stick with Serj to get my System of a Down fix. I’ve actually been listening to the acoustic version of Sky is Over, but there’s not actually any acoustic guitars. It’s just piano and vocals.


A Cappella Metal??

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…I know! I was caught off guard by that title too. But believe it or not, it does exist. (and its not terrible)

“Van Canto” is a German a cappella metal band. I read the story here when I found out about them.

It’s not like its something I would want to listen to constantly, but it’s still pretty cool. They aren’t just a novelty act. Although I did laugh when I heard them cover Metallica’s Battery on their myspace page –

Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

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Ok, I’m a little late with this one…I just had a lot going on this weekend and I needed my sleep 🙂

1. One Day as a Lion – Wild International – This is the side project that Zac De La Rocha was working on during Rage Against the Machine’s hiatus. (I think he has a thing for long band names) It’s some pretty cool stuff. It doesn’t have Tom Morrello’s sweet guitar parts, so its not quite as cool as Audioslave or Rage.

2. Pennywise – The Western World – Everyone has heard of Radiohead’s online CD release where fans chose how much to spend. And then there’s Trent Reznor, being ahead of his time as usual, doing all kinds of free downloads for his fans. But few seem to talk about the Pennywise album that got released for free online. That’s how I got it anyway, it was through a myspace promotion. I was pleasantly surprised with the album, which I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise. So now, I’m a Pennywise fan.

3. Matt Nathanson – Car Crash – He does that kind of songwritey-mellow music like those guys “with-names-that-start-with-J” do. So its not like he’s doing anything out of the ordinary, but I do like this song.

4. Everlast – So Long – It’s been a while since I heard any new Everlast, so I decided to listen to some old stuff this week. This was a song that few knew about compared to “what it’s like” and “ends”. This is actually my favorite Everlast song, besides what he did with House of Pain. Plus, it was on the End of Days soundtrack. 

5. Evans Blue – Over – I heard that their lead singer is leaving them. So I don’t know if we’ll be hearing from them anymore. But they had a couple good singles during their time, this is one of them.

6. Wolfmother – Dimension – Another band that is breaking up this week. I guess the bassist and drummer got fed up with the frontman…I don’t know the story. I liked these guys though, very similar to Led Zepplin. “Mother” is their big song, but I like this one better.

7. Life of Agony – Love to Let You Down – I had never heard of this band until about 3 years ago…this is still the only song I’ve heard from them. But supposedly, they’ve been around for a while…I guess I can’t be up on all bands ever. This is a pretty badass song though.

8. Teddybears – Cobrastyle – No clue what this song is about, what he says, or who is in the band. But this song is freakin fun. Great for parties and movie trailors/soundtracks.

9. Sixx AM – Life is Beautiful – I have total respect for Nikki Sixx and the stuff he did/does in Motley Crue, but I love this song more than anything he did in the Crue. While Motley Crue’s songs are great for drinking, partying, and having fun, this song has a lot of maturity in it. And, the guy can hold a note a lot better than Vince Neil.

10. Shinedown – Devour – C’mon who doesn’t love a military drum cadence in a rock song?? This is from Shinedown’s latest album The Sound of Madness. This song is heavier than their earlier stuff, kind of reminds me of Disturbed at times…which is funny, cause Disturbed has a song called “Devour”.

Unsigned/Indie: Masachewsets Band

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Cherry S/T – Boston, Massachusettes

Bob Bowser: Vocals
Jay Carine: Drums, Vocals
Denis McKenzie: Bass, Electronics
Dan Maleck: Guitars, Programming, Vocals
John “Deuce” Wiley: Guitars, Keyboards

My first comparisions for this band would be The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Taking Back Sunday. Those 3 bands all had a rough, unpolished sound when they started in the music industry (I’m not saying their old stuff was bad). They all have a more mature and polished sound now with more of a musical flow. Cherry’ kind of skips that first part and already has a very solid sound.

I came across them, like many other bands lately, on myspace. (They added me 😉 ) Cherry S/T doesn’t really add anything new to their genre, but they do improve upon it. They define themselves as “rock/electronica”…Think more rock, but the synths they use work very well with their sound. They seem to have a very solid line-up. The bass is tight, the drums fit, the guitars do their job, and the vocals shine. “I’m Over You” is one of their more guitar-driven songs. But, “Let it Go” is my favorite track. It’s well produced and very catchy. It should be on radio stations around the country.

It looks like they’re gearing up to go back in the studio this fall, so look for new material from them too. Check them out on myspace –    And their official website –

Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

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Well…its that time again. I’ve been trying to find some new music, but there isn’t that much new stuff that’s very exciting.

1. Avenged Sevenfold – Seize the Day – I’ve loved this song ever since it came out. Its a damn good love song. The lyrics are great, and the video is pretty cool too.

2. SR-71 – Tomorrow – Well, this song is kind of the opposite of the last one. In the video, its not about love so much as being cheated on by the one you love. I’ve never heard anything this band has done before or since this song. So, I don’t know if the rest of their work is as good.

3. Trigger Point – Silent Protest – Ok, so I did my review earlier on this band…I’ve been hooked on this song ever since. It’s heavy as hell and has a somewhat unique sound for today’s metal.

4. Fair to Midland – Dance of the Manatee – I think this is one of the stupidest song names ever, but its a very different song and its kinda cool. The guy’s voice really rings out on these. Reminds me a little bit of the band Dream Theater (without the technical playing).

5. Cauterize – Closer – This is my favorite song from the relatively unknown Canadian band. When we added it to my college radio station’s playlist…we got a lot of calls asking for “that butterfly song”.

6. Blue Flannel – Having a Bad Day – First heard this song from the movie “Bubbleboy”. Even though it’s all about hating stuff, it’s kind of a fun song.

7. Shwayze – Corona and Lime – I’ve been avoiding this band as hard as I can. I’ve been seeing commericials for them all over VH1 and MTV. So, I know its bad if I “discover” a band through either of those means…if I haven’t heard of you through some other medium…you’re probably not that talented (80’s and early 90’s music excluded). But hey, this song is catchy …damnit.

8. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down – Honestly, I liked this song a long time ago. So, this is really just a song-revisited. Its not a “heavy” song really…but it has a very heavy feel to it.

9. Motion City Soundtrack – This is for Real – This is just a fun and catchy song. It’s probably my favorite MCS song. And, since its from their latest CD, it means they are still improving…so, their next CD should be even better, right?

10. Saosin – You’re Not Alone – I usually listen to Saosin just for the drummer, but this is their song that I really like the vocals. I really like the way he sings this one, but since I don’t sing that high, I can’t really sing along in the car…

Top Metallica Tracks

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Alright, this is a post just to show my respect for James Hetfield, he turns 45 on the 3rd. Crazy. Death Magnetic, the new Metallica CD, comes out in mid-September. So this is my top 10 Metallica tracks from their previous works. And, I chose not to include any covers (aka. Garage inc/days) even though I really like Stone Cold Crazy, Turn the Page, Astronomy, Breadfan, and Tuesday’s Gone.

10. Of Wolf and Man (Black Album) – The “black” self-titled album was Metallica’s most commercially-successful CD. It’s what put Metallica on the map. The choice for me, for #10 was between this and the obvious “Enter Sandman”. Sandman was too easy to pick, and also, it’s never really been one of my favorites. It’s good, but ‘Wolf’ is awesome. This would seriously be the track that a wolf-pack would listen to while they were on the hunt…if they could afford iPods.

9. One (and Justice for All) – I’m reluctant to include anything from the Justice album. I think that was Metallica at their lowest point, mentally. (Not counting St. Anger…that was most sober point) They had just lost a vital member of the band in a very tragic way, and had to replace him with some kid who they treated like crap. But, ‘One’ is a great song regardless. The lyrics are very haunting and creepy. It’s also probably Lars at his best. The guitar solos aren’t too shabby either.

8. Whiplash (Kill ’em All) – The intro to this song is a little bass solo entitled “Anesthesia: Pulling Teeth”, which is pretty much the coolest thing anyone will ever do on a bass guitar. Then the song kicks in…it pretty much set the standard for thrash metal at that point. It’s a song about headbanging, how much more “metal” can you get?

7. Wherever I May Roam (Black Album) – My favorite intro to a Metallica song. The song just starts out amazing. You can play it on the crappiest headphones, laptop speakers,  phonograph horn…and you can still get the mental picture of how this song sounds live. I think this song is the real reason people bought the Black Album. I just wish they wouldn’t have done “the fade” at the end. 

6. Battery (Master of Puppets) – Oh, listen to this nice acoustic intro to this song, relaxing sigh…oh what the…?! This is heavy as hell. This song is the beginning of the best metal album ever. It really sets the tone for the next hour. And, I totally think “Shadows Fall – The light that blinds” rips off that intro…not that it’s a bad thing…

5. The Outlaw Torn (Load) – This is my only pick from the Load and Reload years. Many may ask why I did not choose something more obvious like Unforgiven, Until it Sleeps or Fuel. Well, the Unforgiven songs were cool, but not amazing, Fuel was just a radio single, and Until it Sleeps was close to making the list. What really sells ‘Outlaw’ is the S&M version. Its awesome. This is one of those songs that feature a cool bridge. This is a song full of angst. And, its more obscure…it’s always cool to name something obscure when talking about music.

4. I Disappear (MI: II) – I wrote about this song once already in “best use of songs in soundtracks”. I just really like how the song seems to revolve around Jason leaving the band…even though he wouldn’t leave for another couple years yet. This is how I was hoping the St. Anger CD would have sounded, little did I know, Bob Rock wouldn’t know how to use Pro-Tools, James would give up drinking, and suddenly its ok for Kirk to have input on lyrics and choose not to do solos.

3. Welcome Home: Sanitarium (Master of Puppets) – Great intro, great lyrics, great verses, and most importantly great bridge. This is such a good song, even Limp Bizkit sans Wes Borland didn’t screw it up. This song is heavy and melodic, with great guitar solos through the whole thing.

2. Fade to Black (Ride the Lightning) – Bet you thought I was gonna forget about the 2nd Cd…lol. Fade’ was the first song that Metallica dared to slow down. It’s pretty much the greatest song ever about suicide and death. Seriously, if you were thinking about jumping off a building or out of a plane without a parachute…listen to this song first, then do it. You’ll be singing the lyrics on the way down. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to do a little “air” guitar for the chorus before you hit the ground. (sorry, couldn’t resist a pun in all that dark humor)

1. Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets) – I told you this album was amazing! Why this song hasn’t been the final track for a guitar hero game still amazes me. This is Metallica at their best; the guitars rock, the bass is awesome, the drums are good, and the vocals are angry yet melodic. Besides, the irony is great…their greatest song is about none other than alcohol addiction.

*Honorable Mention* Human (S&M) – This is one of the least known Metallica tracks. It’s the other new song from the concert of Symphony and Metallica, besides the radio single – No Leaf Clover. I always thought it was a pretty cool song, and it has an awesome main riff.

So, lets see what “Death Magnetic” will come out sounding like. It probably won’t sound like Kill em all and Ride the Lightning, just because James voice can’t go that high and screamy anymore. It hopefully won’t be messy like St. Anger. It might come off radio friendly like Black Album/Load/Reload. It should have more bass in it than And Justice for All. Since there’s no symphony and its not full of covers…the next choice is for it to sound like Master of Puppets…here’s to hoping. Happy Birthday James.