Unsigned/Indie: Masachewsets Band

Cherry S/T – Boston, Massachusettes

Bob Bowser: Vocals
Jay Carine: Drums, Vocals
Denis McKenzie: Bass, Electronics
Dan Maleck: Guitars, Programming, Vocals
John “Deuce” Wiley: Guitars, Keyboards

My first comparisions for this band would be The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Taking Back Sunday. Those 3 bands all had a rough, unpolished sound when they started in the music industry (I’m not saying their old stuff was bad). They all have a more mature and polished sound now with more of a musical flow. Cherry’ kind of skips that first part and already has a very solid sound.

I came across them, like many other bands lately, on myspace. (They added me 😉 ) Cherry S/T doesn’t really add anything new to their genre, but they do improve upon it. They define themselves as “rock/electronica”…Think more rock, but the synths they use work very well with their sound. They seem to have a very solid line-up. The bass is tight, the drums fit, the guitars do their job, and the vocals shine. “I’m Over You” is one of their more guitar-driven songs. But, “Let it Go” is my favorite track. It’s well produced and very catchy. It should be on radio stations around the country.

It looks like they’re gearing up to go back in the studio this fall, so look for new material from them too. Check them out on myspace – http://www.myspace.com/cherryst    And their official website – cherrystmusic.com


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