Songs I’m Addicted to This Week

Ok, I’m a little late with this one…I just had a lot going on this weekend and I needed my sleep ūüôā

1. One Day as a Lion – Wild International – This is the side project that Zac De La Rocha was working on during Rage Against the Machine’s hiatus. (I think he has a thing for long band names) It’s some pretty cool stuff. It doesn’t have Tom Morrello’s sweet guitar parts, so its not quite as cool as Audioslave or Rage.

2. Pennywise – The Western World – Everyone has heard of Radiohead’s online CD release where fans chose how much to spend. And then there’s Trent Reznor, being ahead of his time as usual, doing all kinds of free downloads for his¬†fans. But few seem¬†to talk about the Pennywise album that got released for free online. That’s how I got it anyway, it was through¬†a¬†myspace promotion. I was pleasantly surprised with the album, which I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise. So now, I’m a Pennywise fan.

3. Matt Nathanson – Car Crash – He does that kind of songwritey-mellow music¬†like those guys “with-names-that-start-with-J” do.¬†So its not like he’s¬†doing anything out of the ordinary, but I do like this song.

4. Everlast – So Long – It’s been a while since I heard any new Everlast, so I decided to listen to some old stuff¬†this week. This was a song that few¬†knew about compared to “what it’s like” and “ends”. This is actually my favorite Everlast song, besides what he did with House of Pain. Plus, it was on the End of Days¬†soundtrack.¬†

5. Evans Blue – Over – I heard that their lead singer is leaving them. So I don’t know if we’ll be hearing from them anymore. But they had a couple good singles during their time, this is one of them.

6. Wolfmother – Dimension – Another band that is breaking up this week. I guess the bassist and drummer got fed up with the frontman…I don’t know the story. I liked these guys though, very similar to Led Zepplin. “Mother” is their big song, but I like this one better.

7. Life of Agony – Love to Let You Down – I had never heard of this band until about 3 years ago…this is still the only song I’ve heard from them. But supposedly, they’ve been around for a while…I guess I can’t be up on all bands ever. This is a pretty badass song though.

8. Teddybears – Cobrastyle – No clue what this song is about, what he says, or who is in the band. But this song is freakin fun. Great for parties and movie trailors/soundtracks.

9. Sixx AM – Life is Beautiful – I have total respect for Nikki Sixx and the stuff he did/does in Motley Crue, but I love this song more than anything he did in the Crue. While Motley Crue’s songs are great for drinking, partying, and having fun, this song has a lot of maturity in it. And, the guy can hold a note a lot better than Vince Neil.

10. Shinedown – Devour – C’mon who doesn’t love a military drum cadence in a rock song?? This is from Shinedown’s latest album The Sound of Madness. This song is heavier than their earlier stuff, kind of reminds me of Disturbed at times…which is funny, cause Disturbed has a song called “Devour”.


One Response to “Songs I’m Addicted to This Week”

  1. charliejackjosephkruger Says:

    oh you MUST check out Life of Agony. and when you do that, you’ll need to look into all the members other bands,

    Keith Caputo, Spoiler NYC, Type O Negative, Stereomud, Carnivore, so on and so forth.

    i talk a lot about Keith Caputo (the singer) and LOA on my page, stop by.

    on my blogroll i even have Keith’s personal blog.

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