Songs I’m Addicted to this Week

Alright, I took a couple weeks off. I’ve got some new ideas…no guarantees I’ll post everyday though. I guess if you have any ideas that you want my opinion on, I would try that. But for now, here’s a new list of songs I’ve been listening to that you should check out.

1. Godhead – Eleanor Rigby – Covering the Beatles is a very risky decision. Godhead is not the greatest metal band in the world, but this is definitly a cool take on a classic song.

2. Chastain – Black Knight – I doubt you’ve heard of this band, I hadn’t until a couple weeks ago when I read about them in Guitar World magazine. Basically, it’s one of those 80’s bands with a virtuoso guitarist. They actually had a female singer too. This has a cool riff and the guitar solos are sick.

3. Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopopotomus vs Rhymenoceros – If you haven’t heard of this 2-man comic group, try catchin their show on cable or YouTube some videos. They are hilarious and the songs are actually pretty good. They are like the New Zealand version of Tenacious D, less metal…more dry humor.

4. Brian ‘Head’ Welch – Flush – This is the first single from the former Korn guitarist. If you hadn’t heard, he quit drugs, Korn, and found God. Honestly, this song annoyed me when I first heard it, but it’s grown on me. You can definitly tell he was the best musician in Korn.

5. Breaking Benjamin – Natural Life – Its not like I just recently ‘found’ this song, but I did get reaquainted with it this week. It qualifies as having a sweet intro. I love that simple-but-heavy riff.

6. Blue October – What if We Could – This is a great song. One of my favorites off their “Foiled” album. I’m actually suprised it wasn’t released as a single. It starts off very calm, and then escalates to an angst filled bridge.

7. Fallout Boy – Beat It – Yeah, they covered Michael Jackson. And, John Mayer joined them to do it. It’s not terrible. It was a catchy song when MJ did it, and its a catchy song still.

8. Lamb of God – Hourglass – This song has stepped up as my new favorite Lamb of God song, and favorite song to listen to while working out. I think I’m pretty much set that this is the perfect metal band. Their drummer is amazing, their guitars rock, the vocals are top-notch, and try to find holes in the bass playing.

9. 3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time – It’s not like they are the greatest band ever, but they write some cool songs. This new song ranks right up there with ‘Kryptonite’, ‘Here Without You’, and ‘Behind Those Eyes’. So, of course it’ll get a ton of radio play.

10. Serj Tankian – Sky is Over – Since I can’t bring myself to listen to “Scars on Broadway”, I’ll have to stick with Serj to get my System of a Down fix. I’ve actually been listening to the acoustic version of Sky is Over, but there’s not actually any acoustic guitars. It’s just piano and vocals.


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