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Travis Barker and DJ AM in plane crash

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 Just spreading the word to any Blink 182/Travis/DJ AM fans that didn’t know about the accident.

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A friend of Travis Barker and DJ AM has revealed to E! News some grim new details about last night’s plane crash, which the two survived but four others did not.

AM is “really, really badly burned,” according to the source, who confirms that “his face is very burned.” The source adds, “More than 50 percent of his body is burned and the worst is on his face.”

The friend also said that Barker was burned “mostly from the waist down.”

Both men are in critical but stable condition at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Ga. E! News was told by the source that, as of this morning, DJ AM was being “kept in an incubator” as part of his treatment in order to maintain a sterile environment and prevent infections.

The source also said that AM was looking forward to coming home last night and, in fact, e-mailed a picture to a friend that showed him standing next to the Learjet right before the ill-fated takeoff. “He sent a picture being like, ‘Hey, I’m coming home on this ride.'”

Another source reports that Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, who was just spotted with him Wednesday night at the Janet Jackson concert in Los Angeles, has left their Calabasas, Calif., home and is headed to Georgia to be with him.

As for Barker’s friend and business partner “Lil’ Chris” Baker, who died in the crash: E! has learned that Baker was newly married and had a new baby. “He was the sweetest, nicest guy. He was like Travis’ right-hand man.”

Baker often appeared on Travis and Shanna’s MTV reality series Meet the Barkers, which aired in 2005 and 2006.


Just Bought: Death Magnetic

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Metallica always seems to be the band to do things to spite people and critics. Even when they started. In spite of the growing trend of hair-metal bands, Metallica chose to add punk (70’s punk, not 2000’s punk) influences and play their style of metal. Then in spite of all metal bands having the long hair look, they chopped all theirs off. In spite of fans wanting “80’s sounding” Metallica, they went on to release the Black, Load, and Reload albums. In spite of being told how difficult working with a symphony would be, they released their own “greatest hits” as S&M. Music downloading was becoming increasingly popular, and Metallica sued the company that was at the forefront. Their bassist quit the band, James quit drinking, Kirk quit soloing, Lars quit keeping his mouth shut, and they released an album that went against all the sleek songwriting and production values that were in their other albums (besides ‘Justice).

Well they’ve done it again. Death Magnetic. Without Jason. Without Bob Rock. Without engineering apparently. It’s like this album is making a statement about the state of today’s recording and engineering process. If you’re not keen on the production world, its something recording engineers are calling the Loudness Wars. Each track gets heavily compressed, then the master gets heavily compressed, and then it gets compressed some more. This album is like to spite this. They pushed the compression too far. There’s clipping, distortion, and it’s loud, without much (audio) breathing room. I love most anything that Rick Rubin touches, the result is technically what he (probably) wanted, but still seems like more effort should have been put in. But, everyone has been talking/complaining about the production, lets move onto the songs…








1. That was Just Your Life – first track, starts off the CD pretty well. It’s got a nice buildup into some thrashing riffs. It’s also the track I’d say most closely resembles anything off St. Anger. There’s some similar guitar tones, and it has the same frantic feeling of St. Anger. It does have a guitar solo though (like all the tracks this time).

2. The End of the Line – reminds me of stuff off Reload. Again, in the guitar tone. It’s like Fuel, only less radio friendly, but cooler.

3. Broken, Beat & Scarred – So far, I think this is my least favorite track. But maybe it will grow on me, I’ve had only like 4 hours of exposure to this album. Not like I’m trying to make this seem like a pattern, but this one really feels like it would have fit on Load. He sings similar to Bleeding Me.

4. The Day That Never Comes – This is the song that was most everyone’s first taste to this album. I think it’s pretty damn good. It’s got a Blackened or One feel to it. And it’s definitly got a melody that sticks in my head. It ends with 3+ min guitar soloing.

5. All Nightmare Long – The song title itself throws it in a category with Enter Sandman. And yeah, it would be a good comparison musically too. Although sounding more like Of Wolf and Man. So in that league, its a good haunting track.

6. Cyanide – Probably the most unlike-other-Metallica song. It sounds like the Black album, but it trashes harder. Pretty solid drumming here from Lars. It’s a very angry sounding song too.

7. Unforgiven III – Is that piano on a Metallica track? This song definitely suffers from the production values. It needs to be softer at times, but the compression won’t let it. I wish they wouldn’t have named it so, but I can see that it sort of follows the theme from the other 2. But I think it gives itself criticism by association.

8. the Judas Kiss – So this song doesn’t fit on any particular past CD…but I did find something to compare it to – I Disappear. The intro and tone is very similar. Wins the award for angriest song on the CD. Despite being so forceful, the song is very aural too. With areas letting up, then diving back in with heavy riffs or speedy solos. “Judas lives, recite this vow, I’ve become your new God now!” – cool lyric in between solos.

9. Suicide & Redemption – The only track you’ll clearly be able to hear Robert on. Starts with a “call-answer” riff style between the bass and guitars. This is the instrumental track that has been missing from Metallica CD’s since To Live is To Die. This is classic Metallica sounding. It’s got the structure to fit in with Puppets, Lighting, or Justice, but some of the guitar riff’s have a newer distortion tone that I haven’t heard in Metallica before.

10. My Apocalypse – The last track. This track does exactly what it’s supposed to…sound like ’83-’89 years. Well, except of course that James can’t get his voice where it was when he was 20. This song speeds, thrashes and destroys on its path. 40-year-olds write this kind of music?

Overall – it hasn’t taken me long to get over the production. It’s annoying, but not the worst I’ve heard. It doesn’t exceed my expectations by any means, but it does match the hype and what I think a new Metallica CD should sound like. I think Cliff would approve. It’s loud (almost too loud, just play a different Metallica track right after to notice the difference). It’s angry (without being depressing like Load/Reload). It’s got a “garage band” sound (without being St. Anger like). And, it’s melodic (while still paying tribute to classic Metallica). The best thing about it, it contains those important guitar solos that Kirk refused to do the last time. I look forward to trying to keep up with these on Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Recommended for anyone that has liked any Metallica song at some point in time.

10 Best Sex Rock Songs

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This is continuing with my theme from the last post.

Criteria is as follows:

a. The song can be played directly to the one you want/are going to be with. As you are doing the deed or before.

b. no names. Sorry Nikki.

c. I was loose with the time period on this one, just cause there was a couple older tunes i couldnt go without. Enjoy.

10. Foghat – I Just Want to Make Love to You: BAM! look at that title, this song is awesome. It’s got the riff to keep up with, and that one very important lyric – “I Just Want to Make…Love to You”.

9. Blink 182 – Feeling This: The story goes that Mark and Tom went into different rooms to write songs. One came out with a song about sex, the other with a song about summer romance. They just put them together as one. The first verse is really where it’s at – “I wanna take off her clothes (I’m feeling this) Show me the way to bed (I’m feeling this)”.

8. Hot Action Cop – Fever for the Flava: This song doesn’t really beat around the bush as to what it’s requesting. Raunchy, fun and damn catchy. There’s some sinning going on here – “Maybe gets a little finger, sticky sticky, you wanna suck it like a bong hit, wacky”.

7. Saving Abel – Addicted: They pick up where bands like Buckcherry and Hinder left off. I call their genre ‘raunch-rock’. This song has got that music video that is 2 steps from hardcore porn. The lyrics get it on right from the start – “I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re going down on me, inbetween the sheets”.

6. White Zombie – Blur the Technicolor: One of White/Rob Zombie’s underrated songs. The lyrics are very visual, dirty, and demonic. Definitly a song to play during the action, and if you don’t like the tempo…there is always the remix. A little taste of this song – “shadowplay I blur the technicolor, stain a holy bed, a diamond way”.

5. She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart: This song just has an aura that screams sex. The guy has a low, monotonous voice…you know he’s not up to any good. On top of it all this song has a certain creepiness to it too. The act is definitly premeditated with lyrics like – “I want to hold you close, soft breath, beating heart, As I whisper in your ear…”.

4. Incubus – Here in My Room: This song is definitly the most romantic song on this list. It’s got a soft melody, Brandon’s pretty voice, and great, story-telling, sensual lyrics. This one is targeted at the woman that stands out from a crowd. I think my favorite lyric from this song is – “If the world would fall apart, in a fiction worty wind, I wouldn’t change a thing now that you’re here”.

3. Guns-n-Roses – Rocket Queen: Has it been mentioned how awesome Appetite for Destruction was? This song has a ton of sex appeal, it even features the female moans in the bridge. It’s got the beat, the catchy riffs, and Axle’s voice combining to make one of the 80’s best sexual songs. This is the part I get stuck in my head – “I’ve got a tongue like a razor, a sweet switchblade knife, and I can do your favors, but then you’ll do whatever I like”.

2. Nickelback – Animals: Seriously, I love that opening. The riff and drumbeat rock. The storyline of the song is great. Raunchy and rebellious all in one. This is the teenager we all wish we could have been having a great night, well except for the getting caught by the dad part. – “and we just started getting busy, when she whispered what was that? The wind, I think cause no one knows where we are, and thats when she started screaming, that’s my dad outside the car”.

1. ACDC – Shook Me All Night Long: Hell yes this song is number one. ACDC knows how to write some damn good songs. I think this is my favorite. It’s rockin’, it’s sexy, it’s catchy, it’s loud. This song can put anyone in the mood. And, it’s a classic…timeless, it never gets old or dated. Just try to keep up with this song – “Taking more than her share, had me fighting for air, she told me to come but I was already there”.

*honorable mention* Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch – way too obvious to put it on the top 10. While an awesome sex-song, until it stops getting played all the time at parties, it will be too cliche’ to be on this list. 

10 Best Love Rock Songs

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Alright, here’s the criteria I went by:

a. it has to be something you can play for your current significant other…so no loving Jessie’s girl or some girl you happen to see on a subway with another man. And absolutely NO lips of an angel – that song is for the “other” girl…not your girlfriend.

b. no specific names…sorry Delilah.

c. as with most of my posts, I tried to keep current…1989 is as far back as i went

10. HIM – In Joy and Sorrow: You can almost put any HIM song on this list, but really most of their love songs deal with tragedy also. Hence why I didn’t choose Join Me. The most touching lyric from this song is blatantly right in the chorus: “In joy and sorrow, my home is in your arms”.

9. Incubus – Summer Romance: “Anti-Gravity Love Song” is one of Incubus’s most underrated tracks. They do have some other more emotional songs, but they all seem to be focused on the girl that you’ve lost. I Miss You and Oil and Water are 2 examples of that. Most touching lyric for this song would be: “I think I found a way for you and I to finally fly free”.

8. Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing: I respect Aerosmith for doing this song, it’s probably the best song that any band has done, after their bulk of work was done years before. It probably would be ranked higher, but I feel self conscious about it’s cliche’-ness…it’s almost too obvious (and overplayed) to be on this list. Most touching lyric is kind of hard to choose for this one, but I’m going to go with: “…and thank god we’re together, I just want to stay with you in this moment – forever”.

7. The Cure – Lovesong: 311 does a pretty good cover of this too. This song is blunt, there’s no mistaking what its about. Look at the title, look at the chorus. It’s a love song. With a song this cut and dry, I choose the most obvious lyric for being touching: “How ever far away, I will always love you”.

6. Creed – Stand Here With Me: I consider this Creed’s best song…which a lot of people will say isn’t much of an accomplishment. But really, Tremonti is amazing here, Stapp isn’t annoying, and most importantly – it wasn’t overplayed on the radio. This one also has multiple uses, it can go towards a significant other, a friend, a family member, etc. Most touching lyric, right in the beginning: “You always reached out to me and helped me believe”.

5. Papa Roach – Forever: And here I thought Scars was going to be P.R.’s big emotional song…but this one is way better. When the song starts it doesn’t even sound like Shaddix singing. Most touching lyric: “One last kiss, before I go, Dry your tears”.

4. 3 Doors Down – Here Without You: If you’ve ever been seperated from the one you love…this is the song for you. 3DD are pretty good songwriters, I think their record sales can attest to that. I think of this one as their best. Most touching lyrics are as follows: “But you’re still with me in my dreams, and tonight girl – its only you and me”.

3. Blue October – 18th Floor Balcony: Honorable mention goes to their song – Calling You. Justin is a great song writer, so it’s only natural that he could churn out a good love song. It’s just a beautiful song. In their DVD Argue with a Tree, its the best possible way they could have closed out that performance. Most touching lyric goes to – the whole song (ok, kidding): “I grabbed the rail while choking up the words to say and then you kissed me”.

2.Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God: Another honorable mention goes to Seize the Day. But this song is just great. It’s sad, its loving, and its powerful. It starts off with a nice, soft, almost country-like melody and escelates into riffs that are more what AX7 listeners are used to. Similar to Here Without You, this song is about being away from that certain someone. The most touching lyric in this song is in the 2nd verse: “Can’t help but think of the times I’ve had with you, some pictures and some memories will have to help me through”.

1. Live – Dolphins Cry – The way you’re bathed in light, reminds me of that night, god layed me down into your rose garden of trust – that just starts off what I consider the best love song ever. Yeah, I said ever. Their lead singer has said that the song is about sex on a beach. Well, that seems like a good way to spend some time with the person you love. Listen to the song choose the lyric you like, I think my favorite from this song is: “This crazy fog surrounds me, you wrap your legs around me, all I can do to try and breathe”

Hope you enjoyed this list…expect more. 😉

10 bands that manage to stand out

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There’s been an increase in quotes that go something like this… “I hate all new music, it all sounds the same” Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) was quoted as saying he doesn’t buy new music because he doesn’t think any of it is good. Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) said something similar back in the 90’s about how you couldn’t tell what artist you were listening to on the radio anymore.

My answer to that is – What do you expect?? There are only 12 notes, total. I dare somebody to invent the ‘H’ note.

So, I do agree with the thought that there isn’t much variety or originality in today’s music. Back in the 70’s you knew you were listening to Sabbath, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, etc. Where as today, you can get confused with bands like Evan’s Blue, Hurt, Sick Puppies, Red, and Three Days Grace – not that I’m dissing these bands. These are 10 artists that get radio play that still manage to stand out in today’s radio. (I stuck with ‘active rock’ bands who’s bulk of music came in the 2000’s, and this isn’t about how ‘good’ the band is, so don’t start thowing stuff at me)

10. Breaking Benjamin – For the most part, their guitars and guitar tones sound just like anything else in their genre. The drums are nothing new. Plug in any singer and you’ll have any band. But, Benjamin himself has a voice that is pretty unique…you know its Breaking Benjamin when he starts singing. His voice defines the band just as much as his name.

9. Blue October – Add really meaningful lyrics to alternative rock with a violin. Justin is also a really good singer and frontman. If his voice, the violin playing, or catchy guitar parts don’t grab you, then the emotional lyrics definitly will.

8. System of a Down – Even though they are on hiatus and have different projects. You still listen to Serj Tankian and Scars on Broadway and think ‘System’. Their voices and styles are just too recognizable to be thought of exclusively.

7. Korn – I haven’t liked Korn since Head walked out on them to find religion. Even though Korn has influence many bands to try to copycat their “nu-metal” sound, no one has come close until Head started releasing his own material. The sound that really makes KoRn unique is their bass, and that “rattle” that is in every one of their songs.

6. Sevendust – This band is hit or miss with me for the most part, I have to be in the mood to listen to them. Regardless, Lajon Witherspoon’s vocals are unlike anybody else on the radio.

5. Mudvayne – “Math Metal” – no body else on the radio does it like these guys. There aren’t many bass players that can keep up with Ryan Martinie. While Chad Gray does his share of screaming, it’s his melodic vocals that are really different.

4. Disturbed – Dan Donegan’s guitarwork definitly has a unique tone. You know it’s Disturbed even before David Draimen’s vocals come in, and those are unique on their own.     

3. Skindred – Well, simply put…who else does reggae-metal? 

2. Avenged Sevenfold – I think this is what Guns-n-Roses would sound like if they wore more black and eyeliner. Well, add The Rev’s speedy drumming too. M Shadow’s vocals are unlike anything else in radio-metal.

1. Nickelback – Suprised? You shouldn’t be. They rule the radio. They found the formula that works, there’s no reason to change that. Record labels seem to try to make everyone more like Nickelback too. Daughtry, sounds like Nickelback. Puddle of Mudd, sounds like Nickelback. Hinder, sounds like Nickelback. Get the idea? While there are tons of bands that compare to Nickelback, none of them have Chad Kroeger. No one else compares. His voice sells. Any song they release = instant hit. Hell, Kroeger even helps Santana sell records.

Songs I am Addicted to this week

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Totally distracted by football today, but here goes…

1. Guns-n-Roses – Welcome to the Jungle – Sweet Child o’ Mine is GNR’s biggest hit, but seriously…the Jungle is really their coolest song. Great intro with Axle’s opening wail, great guitar riffs, kids get expelled for playing this song in school – its that cool.

2. Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God – This is a very underrated song, I’m actually suprised that it isn’t all over Hot AC, alternative, and other formats of radio stations. Its a really heart-felt tune that I think ranks right up there with Seger’s Turn the Page and Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

3. Good Charlotte – Hold On – First off, I hate Good Charlotte. Hate Hate Hate. But, alas…I do like this song. I just kind of wish Blink 182, Sum 41 or some other pop-punk band that I actually respect would have done instead.

4. JT Experience – Party Like A Rockstar – Hey, you know you have a cool song when you use the words “party” or “Rockstar” and it’s even better when you combine them. I.E. Shop Boyz, Nickelback, Saliva, P.O.D., Andrew WK. This one’s better…its not just about the party…its about a breakup too!

5. Elton John – Candle in the Wind – This guy just makes great music. This one is a classic. I didn’t like the Princess Di version at first, but I do really like the line “Never fading with the sunset, when the rain sets in”

6. Primus – Big Brown Beaver – Combine humorous imagery with an amazing bass player…you’ve got a great song.

7. Motley Crue – Saints of Los Angeles – I didn’t get attatched to the new Crue when it came out. But, for some reason, I was watching it’s music video this week, and was immediatly drawn to it. Turns out, its a pretty cool song.

8. Placebo – Pure Morning – This is the song that introduced me to the band Placebo. The song has a very weird, attracting vibe to it. And, who can resist a line like “A friend in need’s a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better” ?

9. Metallica – My Apocalypse – I’m trying not to listen to any of the hype, news, or even the songs from the new Death Magnetic album. I want to just go out, buy the CD, and judge it for myself. But, since I’m always looking around music websites…Metallica is unavoidable these days. I caught a glimpse of this song…its pretty damn cool.

10. Three – Alien Angel – This is like the best song that no one has heard. If this song hadn’t been sent to me while I was uploading new music for the radio, I wouldn’t know about it either. It’s got cool lyrics, sweet rhythems, and a pretty cool music video too. Pay attention to what this guy does with his guitar.

The Coolest Guy Freddie Krueger ever Killed

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Johnny Depp. Seriously, it’s not even fair. “Oh hey, I’m gonna move out to LA and be a rockstar, nah…that didn’t work out, lets try out acting. Sure I can handle death by nightmare. Then I’m gonna be on a TV show I hate…but I’m really looking forward to picking up some scissors. Hey Winona, wanna get married? Just kidding! I’ll give Leonardo a few acting lessons next. Become a tripped out bald guy, do some “hellish” movies, introduce the US to coke, then impersonate Keith Richards…yeah, that’s right…Sexiest Man Alive! I’m gonna have my eyes ripped out and still kick ass. Then take Willy Wonka to a different level…sing in an unfortunate Tim Buron movie…then sing in a cool Tim Burton movie, and i’ll get to use blades again! I’ll go ahead and be rumored to be in 2 upcoming sweet comic book-movies. Hell, while I’m at it, hey guys want to do that band thing again?”

(just fyi…that is Depp’s career if condensed into a rant)

oh and side note…I know the rumor has been falsified, but wouldn’t it have been ironic if Depp would have played Riddler in a new Batman movie…and Burton isn’t the director anymore.

This is why Johhny is cool, it’s 2008…and he still picks up a guitar & dresses in 80’s clothes

**copied from Yahoo! News (they write with slightly better grammer than I)

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Johnny Depp returned to his musical roots Friday night, reuniting with his old band The Kids for a fund-raiser in Florida.

With his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, and their 9-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, screaming in the crowd of 2,500, the Oscar-nominated actor strapped on a guitar and sang backup vocals during the power-pop group’s 90-minute set.

The second annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert honors The Kids’ late manager, who was well known in South Florida’s music scene. All proceeds from the benefit go to the Dan Marino Foundation, which funds programs for children with special needs. The band also reunited in January 2007 for the same cause.

The 45-year-old actor joined The Kids when he was a high school studentin Miramar, Fla., and moved to Los Angeles with them in search of a record deal. After the band broke up, Depp decided to pursue a career in acting.

Johnny and the boys are scheduled to rock out again tonight on day two of the benefit.