Unsigned/Indie – A Misory Band

Now that I’m getting back into writing regularly, I’d better get back on track with 50 States – 50 indie bands. (I’m still taking suggestions) I know about quite a few bands in the midwest area. There seems to be a ton of them from the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. Well this is a Missouri band that comes from a small town.

A No Coast November

Jeff Ritchie – Bass
Cody Lilly – Guitar
Tyler McIntosh – Vocals
Steve Lydick – Guitar
Ben Davis – Drums

This is a brand new band. Literally, they just started this year. And yet, they already have a very solid sound. This is partially because 3 of the guys have played together in another band, some people in the midwest might recall the band “Save the Empire”. But this is a much different band, Steve switched string instruments, and Jeff stopped singing.

Cody Lilly is a very talented guitar player that writes memorable rock riffs and contributes great, subtle lead licks. Ben’s drums are tight and contribute to the music, without being too busy or distracting, like some other drummers within this genre. The lyrics are memorable and catchy, and Tyler’s vocals mix well with the instrumentation behind him.

“Ten Bucks Says You’ve Never Had a Conscience” is probably my favorite song of theirs right now, with lyrics like ‘its way to late to plead your case, so save your breath, you’ll need it when you’re six feet under’. Jeff also comes though with backing vocals on this track.

This may be a newer band, but I think there’s a lot of potential. If you get a chance, check them out on their tour in the next few months. If you live in the midwest – east regions, they’ll be coming close to you. More information at www.myspace.com/anocoastnovember and www.purevolume.com/anocoastnovember


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