10 Best Love Rock Songs

Alright, here’s the criteria I went by:

a. it has to be something you can play for your current significant other…so no loving Jessie’s girl or some girl you happen to see on a subway with another man. And absolutely NO lips of an angel – that song is for the “other” girl…not your girlfriend.

b. no specific names…sorry Delilah.

c. as with most of my posts, I tried to keep current…1989 is as far back as i went

10. HIM – In Joy and Sorrow: You can almost put any HIM song on this list, but really most of their love songs deal with tragedy also. Hence why I didn’t choose Join Me. The most touching lyric from this song is blatantly right in the chorus: “In joy and sorrow, my home is in your arms”.

9. Incubus – Summer Romance: “Anti-Gravity Love Song” is one of Incubus’s most underrated tracks. They do have some other more emotional songs, but they all seem to be focused on the girl that you’ve lost. I Miss You and Oil and Water are 2 examples of that. Most touching lyric for this song would be: “I think I found a way for you and I to finally fly free”.

8. Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing: I respect Aerosmith for doing this song, it’s probably the best song that any band has done, after their bulk of work was done years before. It probably would be ranked higher, but I feel self conscious about it’s cliche’-ness…it’s almost too obvious (and overplayed) to be on this list. Most touching lyric is kind of hard to choose for this one, but I’m going to go with: “…and thank god we’re together, I just want to stay with you in this moment – forever”.

7. The Cure – Lovesong: 311 does a pretty good cover of this too. This song is blunt, there’s no mistaking what its about. Look at the title, look at the chorus. It’s a love song. With a song this cut and dry, I choose the most obvious lyric for being touching: “How ever far away, I will always love you”.

6. Creed – Stand Here With Me: I consider this Creed’s best song…which a lot of people will say isn’t much of an accomplishment. But really, Tremonti is amazing here, Stapp isn’t annoying, and most importantly – it wasn’t overplayed on the radio. This one also has multiple uses, it can go towards a significant other, a friend, a family member, etc. Most touching lyric, right in the beginning: “You always reached out to me and helped me believe”.

5. Papa Roach – Forever: And here I thought Scars was going to be P.R.’s big emotional song…but this one is way better. When the song starts it doesn’t even sound like Shaddix singing. Most touching lyric: “One last kiss, before I go, Dry your tears”.

4. 3 Doors Down – Here Without You: If you’ve ever been seperated from the one you love…this is the song for you. 3DD are pretty good songwriters, I think their record sales can attest to that. I think of this one as their best. Most touching lyrics are as follows: “But you’re still with me in my dreams, and tonight girl – its only you and me”.

3. Blue October – 18th Floor Balcony: Honorable mention goes to their song – Calling You. Justin is a great song writer, so it’s only natural that he could churn out a good love song. It’s just a beautiful song. In their DVD Argue with a Tree, its the best possible way they could have closed out that performance. Most touching lyric goes to – the whole song (ok, kidding): “I grabbed the rail while choking up the words to say and then you kissed me”.

2.Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God: Another honorable mention goes to Seize the Day. But this song is just great. It’s sad, its loving, and its powerful. It starts off with a nice, soft, almost country-like melody and escelates into riffs that are more what AX7 listeners are used to. Similar to Here Without You, this song is about being away from that certain someone. The most touching lyric in this song is in the 2nd verse: “Can’t help but think of the times I’ve had with you, some pictures and some memories will have to help me through”.

1. Live – Dolphins Cry – The way you’re bathed in light, reminds me of that night, god layed me down into your rose garden of trust – that just starts off what I consider the best love song ever. Yeah, I said ever. Their lead singer has said that the song is about sex on a beach. Well, that seems like a good way to spend some time with the person you love. Listen to the song choose the lyric you like, I think my favorite from this song is: “This crazy fog surrounds me, you wrap your legs around me, all I can do to try and breathe”

Hope you enjoyed this list…expect more. 😉


6 Responses to “10 Best Love Rock Songs”

  1. I thought I was gong to come in and think you were nuts with your picks, but I think you were SPOT ON!! I can’t take away anything from this list. I love that you added in Blue October and the Cure – two bands that are definitely underrated – as well as HIM.

    Good list. If you ever create a top 10 breakup songs list, don’t forget to include School of Fish – Euphoria.

  2. Agree Completely on Dear God (along with the Seize the Day honorable mention.. which is only heightened by it’s music video)..with everything you said (you’re not the first i’ve heard people say it starts out sounding country) though, my favorite line from Dear God isn’t that one.. it’s “and how i miss someone to hold, when hope begins to fade”

    And this has nothing to do with it, but if M Shadows doesn’t marry me, I’m committing suicide. 😛

  3. love…

    […]10 Best Love Rock Songs « Kc2 – random thoughts on music and movies[…]…

  4. Surgical_sid Says:

    18th Floor Balcony should be number 1

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