U2 Tower: At least recession isn’t pretentious

So tell me if you’ve heard this one. 4 musicians invest their money together, become some of the richest citizens in their country (one of which being one of the most hated men in the world) and then decide that they need to have building constructed and named after them. Irish rock band, U2 had to scrap plans to build the tallest skyscraper in Ireland. Why is it being built? I have no clue. Why is it shelved for now? Dublin’s slumping property market and recession.

Baxter Building

What, are you guys the Fantastic 4? You need your own building now? I would have no problem with the idea for business and investment reasons. “The proposed roof also would house wind-generated electrical turbines and solar paneling, while two sides would be metal-paneled to look like fish scales. Riverside traffic would be permitted to flow through the base of the building.” There were proposed recording studios to be built inside for the band also (on the top floor of course) which also would have been cool. BUT – don’t name the building after yourselves! That’s about as cool as wearing your own T-Shirts, giving yourself a nickname, or having Bono’s ego.

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