My 10 Most “Intense Songs”

So I came across this on another blog on yahoo. Where the writer had compiled a list of “The 20 Most Intense Tracks Of All Time”. I decided that I disagree with most of what was there, basically just out of taste of music. But really, check out my tracks then see theirs HERE – tell me what you think.

10. Foo Fighters – All My Life – That opening riff layered with the vocals has enough intensity on its own, then the rest of the band kicks in. But the feelings really kick in during the bridge buildup.

9. Hurt – Rapture (Acoustic) – The original version could be right here in this spot also, but for all intensity purposes, the acoustic version is nuts. Very raw vocal aggression turns this horrifying story into a great song.

8. System of a Down – Spiders – It starts out very soft and eerie. The guitars kick in and add bursts of energy. The bridge combinds everything and just keeps building.

7. Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad – Just like the first verse says “thoughts at a thousand miles an hour” – this is a very intense rap song. Andre and Big Boi speed through this song and don’t let up. It’s relentless, only slowing down for the hook.

6. Nirvana – You Know Your Right – The other list included Smells Like Teen Spirit. While it’s a great song, it doesn’t hold a candle to the intensity and chaos of this later Nirvana song. I almost feel Kurt purposefully trying to damage his vocals with each wail and angst ridden lyric.

5. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows – That drum part is what really takes this song to another level. But, that’s not to discredit the guitar parts either.

4. Nine Inch Nails – Hurt – Everyone seems to forget about the original version of this song. Yeah, the Johnny Cash version is epic, but only Trent Reznor can deliver this song’s special brand of somber intensity.

3. Metallica – Wherever I May Roam – Oh, the many Metallica tracks I could’ve chosen. This one takes the cake for intensity and buildup. It’s got one of the coolest intros of all time.

2. Muse – Assassin – This song is just insane. The guitars, drums, bass, vocals all have so much tension and the rhythm just barrels through.

1. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell – This has one of the greatest riffs in all of metal. Dimebag and Phil are at their best with this track. The song itself makes your foot 20 lbs heavier when you’re driving down the highway.


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