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10 Best Mark, Tom, and/or Travis songs.

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10: Diamonds and Guns – Transplants: The Transplants are the most unlike-the-other-bands. For good reason, different vocal style and guitar playing. Some of Travis’s best stuff though. Diamonds and Guns makes for a great, if unlikely, shampoo commercial soundtrack.

9: Elevator – Boxcar Racer: Mark was pretty pissed about Tom and Travis forming this side project. At least he did guest vocals on this somber track.

8: Not Now – Blink 182: It was the last single to come from Blink 182. It was a very fitting ‘goodbye’ to the fans.

7: When Your Heart Stops Beating – Plus 44: The hit single from the Plus 44 debut. Also, it was during the filming of this video that Travis busted his hand on the snair drum…hence playing a few gigs one-armed.

6: All The Small Things – Blink 182: The song that made Blink 182 mainstream. This combined with “What’s My Age Again?” turned Blink 182 into arguably the biggest pop-punk band ever.

5: Damnit – Blink 182: One of the best songs to come out of the pre-Travis era. I still don’t know why Guitar Hero: World Tour chose this song for Travis’s in-game character. Maybe choose one that oh, I don’t know, he actually recorded? 

Image Preview4: The Adventure – Angels & Airwaves: When this was leaked online, I thought it was one of the most amazing things ever. Still probably my favorite track from this group along side “The War”.

3: No it Isn’t – Plus 44: This song is a complete and total F—You to Tom. It was even “leaked” online – on his birthday.

2: Feeling This – Blink 182: Despite the horrible editing job, its the best song off the Madden ’04 soundtrack. It’s an excellent song about sex. I also really like the way it was recorded. The intro with the drums ‘phasing’ in is pretty cool.

Blink-182 band members Mark Hoppus (L), Travis Barker (C), and Tom DeLonge1: I Miss You – Blink 182: The biggest single for Blink 182. Won an award for “best love song” that year. My favorite Blink songs are the ones when Mark and Tom both sing. This is them at their best vocally. Haunting lyrics and a creepy video…a far cry from their old immature humor and rough production quality.


My favorite Blink 182 Music Video – [youtube=]


Blink 182 is back!

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Not that I have much info on it…but I did just see the guys from Blink 182 (Mark, Tom, and Travis) on stage at the Grammy’s stating that they are rejoining.  Since real music lovers shouldn’t really watch the Grammy’s, I figured I should let other Blink, Angels & Airwaves, and Plus 44 fans know.