American Idol – top 13 ranked

Alright, so I will admit that this season I have started watching the musical virus known as American Idol. I watched the first season, I think Kelly Clarkson is great, for being a pop singer, and I never watched anymore. Reuben and Clay mean nothing to me, I couldn’t care less about Fantasia, Carrie Underwood is ok – I hate country though, Taylor who? You mean Chris Daughtry right?, also don’t care about Jordan Sparks, and neither of the Davids interest me. Why I started watching this season – I have no clue, but I started, supported some favorites, so now I gotta stick it out to see who wins…damn it.

Ok, so there’s my Idol back-story. Now on to ranking the top finalists for this week. I’m gonna try doing this before the voting each week, but I really enjoy DVR and not commercials, so most likely I will be late. Here’s my favorites based on their performance and my overall opinion of them.

13. Kris Allen – I don’t like him in the first place. He’s boring and awkward. He holds his mouth funny when he sings and reminds me of Rick Moranis(sp?). Even less impressed by his acoustic guitar. Same ol’ Mraz/Mayor/Nathanson. Boring MJ cover. He probably won’t get voted off yet, because apparently he’s a heart-throb…

12. Jorge Nunez – I like him better than this ranking, he had a really bad performance last night. He’s got a good voice, and seems like a nice guy. I’m just mad that the judges told him to American-up, because I think he really only has a shot at winning if he starts laying on the latinostyle. That would set him apart. Singing with no accent and no style makes for boring Jackson cover.

11. Scott Macintyre – Stop it. He’s blind, but I’m not deaf. I know – sad story, heart-warming rise, over-coming obstacles…blah blah. Really though, if we were to scan the country for disabled musicians, there are lots we’d find better than Scott. Not trying to be mean, but eventually we’re gonna have to be honest. Sympathy is great, but it shouldn’t let him win. Obscure Jackon tune didn’t help much.

10.  Jasmine Murray – I also like her more than this ranking, but she’s been pretty boring the last 2 weeks for me. I remember her standing out from the pack, but she needs to really step it up if she wants to be any sort of comparison to the other ladies. I don’t even remember what MJ song she sang…

9. Anoop Desai – They made a 13th spot for him? I’m with Simon, mistake. Not that he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be in the finals, but I think that just gave him false hope. He seems fun and nice. I have him ranked this high, because I give him credit for actually stepping up and singing a Michael Jackson hit…instead of B-side. Sure it was a little karaoke, but um…has no one noticed that these are all people singing to backing tracks? That IS karaoke! (ps. that’s a hard word to spell…I still don’t think it looks right)

8. Matt Giraud – He’s ok. There’s really nothing wrong with this guy. He has a look, a style, and gets high praise (mostly). But, I’m not impressed with him. Sorry, I just like some of the others better. He puts on a better show behind a piano than Scott. Wish he would have sang a different MJ song, but he did fine on Human Nature.

7. Michael Sarver – I liked this guy from the start, just because I thought of him as an underdog in this competition. He was pretty bland (who wasn’t?) for Jackson night, but I think it’s because he was out of his element. He’s pretty much the closest thing to a country singer left this season, so I think he needs to play that card a little harder.

6. Danny Gokey – Wow, I have him this low? He’s one of my favorite’s for this season, and has been all along. Of cousethe show pretty much forced him, and his sad story on us. He was kind of awkward tonight, but I still remember him doing “Kiss From a Rose” and that keeps him high on my list. I still think his friend should have made it this far, imagining him doing a Jackson cover – he’d easily be ranked at least 8th this week.

5. Lil’ Rounds – Wow, I have her this low? For the longest time now, I’ve thought of her as being far better than any of the other women this season. She just didn’t impress me like I thought she should have this week. There were a few of the ladies that have really stepped it up.

4. Megan Corkrey – She’s hot. She’s got that fun and quirky personality. Add a half-sleeve tattoo and she’s cool too. It wasn’t the best song choice, but she’s probably the only one that could have pulled it off half as well as she did. Anyone else, and it would have been a joke, her doing it – made it just fun and memorable.

3. Alexis Grace – I really hadn’t thought twice about her until now. She was pretty good last night. She’s starting to show off some pipes that weren’t apparent before. I thought she’d be just another Taylor Swift-type, but she actually might have a voice to pull off some diva-type pop.

2. Allison Iraheta – She annoys me when sound isn’t coming out of her mouth, making some of the weirdest, awkward facial expressions. She talks – like a teenager, she’s not trying to act like she’s above her age (as I saw with some of the voted off’s) She sings – freakin badass. She’s like a hardcore-Kelly Clarkson – being hardcore. I really want to see if she can pull off some more rocker-type songs. [see Dilana from Rockstar: Supernova – – make Allison do that]

1. Adam Lambert – Actually wasn’t as impressed by his vocals last night as this ranking. He hits some sick high notes, but sometimes I wish he would start lower and build his way up. I’d really like to hear the timbre of his voice in a lower register. Otherwise, he’s a strait-up performer. Controls the stage and has the presence – he should make it far, whether he is this year’s “Daughtry/Aiken” or actually wins.


One Response to “American Idol – top 13 ranked”

  1. Unfortunately, we think you’re probably right about Lil Rounds ranking around #5. Truth is, she’s got a massive voice and an old-school jazzy-blues sound, but it doesn’t seem likely that will get her to the top of Idol this year. Strange thing is, that in many ways she’s the real thing that Idol says they’re looking for… a brand new talent. Lambert, Gokey, and Giraud are all professional musicians.

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