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American Idol’s top 7 rankings

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Quentin Tarantino week. I think its cool to have an influence like him come in, because his advice isn’t about “hey sing like this cause that’s the way I would or I think you should” intead its “this is what you have to do if I was to hire you”

7. Matt Giraud – Now that Scott is gone, Matt can make himself seems unique while utilizing the piano. He’s good and performs well, but I think he’s continuing to show how he’s one of the weaker singers in a strong group of guys.

6. Kris Allen – yeah, ok…it was one of the better performances I’ve seen from Kris. But…he’s still boring, no personality, and has an awkward way of holding his mouth when he sings.

5. Anoop Desai – Starts off pretty good with a nice smokey sound. It’s not a song I would listen to on a normal basis, but he wasn’t boring with it. I think Tarantino gave him good advice, to put a little power into the ballad vocals. This was definitely one of his better weeks.

4. Lil Rounds – I think she sang so much better this week. Simon is right, she isn’t really stepping outside of the box, but I think he was a bit too hard on her. My DVR didn’t catch that whole argument at the end, but not a big deal. Lil is good, but she needs to pull some serious Lambert moves and make a classic song seem like its never been done by anybody but her.

3. Danny Gokey – Some guys without glasses sang good…haha. Great voice and tone, boring song though. Simon said exactly how I felt. Its hard to criticize the guy, because he does sing so well but it wasn’t exciting or interesting.

2. Allison Iraheta – She did a really good job with this song. Although, I do have to say I was slightly worried when she started, like the first 6 words seemed weak to me. But, once she kicked in her power vocals – she was good to go. The judges gave about as high of praise as you could get.

1. Adam Lambert – It was nice to see Adam back in full-blown rocker mode. What’s great is that, his performance was just that – an actual performance, he put on a show! I’d also encourage you to go back and hear the performance again, listen to the interesting things he’s doing vocally.


American Idol: Eclectic Eight

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First note: Rob Dyrdek was in the audience – awesome! second note: Just now getting this posted right before the results show…great timing. Honestly if they could just ditch half this group tonight, it would be fine…there’s really only four contestants that I think are worthy.

8. Kris Allen – Just for the record…I couldn’t hear his guitar at all. So what’s the point? The trumpets were nice. Cute childhood story. That is all.

7. Anoop Desai – He was better this week, but I wasn’t impressed by the performance. If he stays in the ballad-genre, it will be better for him.

6. Scott Macintyre – Hey look, I could hear his guitar! He wasn’t all there vocally though, those high notes were painful. He has a better low range, he should stay there.

5. Matt Giraud – It wasn’t ‘that’ good. But still pretty good. I’m liking him more now, but I still don’t think he has a chance against a couple other certain contestants.

4. Lil Rounds – I hate that she keeps doing the “copycat” songs. She keeps singing these songs well, and she deserves to be at this stage of the game…but if she doesn’t take the judges advice, I don’t know how long she’ll last.

3. Allison Iraheta – The female race’s best hope for winning American Idol this season. She still proves that she can take on some of the heavy hitters in the male race.

2. Danny Gokey – Isn’t he cheating? It shouldn’t count to use a cover from the year you were born. He didn’t start off the song in a way I liked, but it ended really well. Pretty much exactly what Kara said.

1. Adam Lambert – Ok, I realize that everyone else on this show is just his openers, but he needs to start performing earlier in the show. I just about flipped when my DVR cut out right before his performance. Thank the internet gods for youtube. Adam yet again kicked serious ass vocally. AND, he sang one of my favorite songs. He should provide Lil Rounds with lessons on how to put your stamp on a piece.

Metallica: Hall of Fame (with Jason)

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Thought I’d share a video I watched today. For all the Metallica fans out there. It’s not the greatest performance, but it’s still cool to see Jason Newstead up on stage with them.

My Rank of the Top 9

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Am I the only one that noticed that the band seemed to drown out the performers most of the night?

9. Anoop Desai – He can sing, but he didn’t win any props from me this week. He’s starting to bore me again.

8. Kris Allen – Cool song – uncool singer. Please America, no more votes for Rick Moranis’s little brother. 

7. Megan Corkrey – I love her, she’s gorgeous. I totally agree with the judges though, her unique way of singing kind of hurt her this week. It’s cool how she sings, but she didn’t do anything new or really “out there”. I still hope she stays – if for no other reason than eye candy.

6. Scott Macintyre – Well, he did pretty good this week. I actually really enjoyed him. He finally did what I wanted him to – in terms of performance – he opened up his vocals more, really put in some body movement as he was playing, and I think he earned his way out of the bottom 3 (if just for this week).

5. Matt Giraud – I think the judges were too hard on him. He put on a performace this week, he should get 15 extra votes for piano placement. He’s still not one of my favorites, but he entertained…and that’s what’s really important.

4. Allison Iraheta – Sweet, she brought out a guitar. Amped up her cool factor (pun intended). I really thought No Doubt’s song was a good fit for her, in terms of style…but she really didn’t impress me like she has before.

3. Lil Rounds – Another one that the judges were a bit too hard on. She’s really got the best female vocal cords on here.

2. Danny Gokey – And Danny reminds everyone why he was a favorite back at the start of the season. Give him freedom with song choice, and he’s set. Maybe it was the themes from the last couple weeks that have been holding him down  for me.

1. Adam Lambert – No one is this competition lays more on the line and sets themselves up for possible disaster than Adam. Then he steps on stage and makes everyone else look like they were just his opening acts.