American Idol’s top 7 rankings

Quentin Tarantino week. I think its cool to have an influence like him come in, because his advice isn’t about “hey sing like this cause that’s the way I would or I think you should” intead its “this is what you have to do if I was to hire you”

7. Matt Giraud – Now that Scott is gone, Matt can make himself seems unique while utilizing the piano. He’s good and performs well, but I think he’s continuing to show how he’s one of the weaker singers in a strong group of guys.

6. Kris Allen – yeah, ok…it was one of the better performances I’ve seen from Kris. But…he’s still boring, no personality, and has an awkward way of holding his mouth when he sings.

5. Anoop Desai – Starts off pretty good with a nice smokey sound. It’s not a song I would listen to on a normal basis, but he wasn’t boring with it. I think Tarantino gave him good advice, to put a little power into the ballad vocals. This was definitely one of his better weeks.

4. Lil Rounds – I think she sang so much better this week. Simon is right, she isn’t really stepping outside of the box, but I think he was a bit too hard on her. My DVR didn’t catch that whole argument at the end, but not a big deal. Lil is good, but she needs to pull some serious Lambert moves and make a classic song seem like its never been done by anybody but her.

3. Danny Gokey – Some guys without glasses sang good…haha. Great voice and tone, boring song though. Simon said exactly how I felt. Its hard to criticize the guy, because he does sing so well but it wasn’t exciting or interesting.

2. Allison Iraheta – She did a really good job with this song. Although, I do have to say I was slightly worried when she started, like the first 6 words seemed weak to me. But, once she kicked in her power vocals – she was good to go. The judges gave about as high of praise as you could get.

1. Adam Lambert – It was nice to see Adam back in full-blown rocker mode. What’s great is that, his performance was just that – an actual performance, he put on a show! I’d also encourage you to go back and hear the performance again, listen to the interesting things he’s doing vocally.


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