Idol – 4 are left…

Finally, rock nighrdit! Now we’re talking in my language…

Duet one: Kris and Danny – cool song, decently sung. Danny was head and shoulders above Kris during the solo verses, but together they were sounding pretty sweet with the harmonies.

Duet two: Adam and Allison – very cool song. Allison did so much better on this than her solo. I was worried that Adam would just blow her out of the water…but she held her own. Like (somewhat) what Paula said, they fit together.  

4. Kris Allen – I guess that answers that question: What would Jason Mraz sound like if he’d turn up the distortion on his guitar? Honestly, he didn’t do terrible with the song and I’m not putting him lower because of bias (this week), but his low ranking is the combo of not owning the song along with EVERYONE has done this song. Don’t cover it unless you can sing better than the Beatles, Steven Tyler, and Michael Jackson – combined.

T2. Danny Gokey – Just based off the first part of the song, he would take 2nd place on my list all to himself. But that last scream…

T-2. Allison Iraheta – The 2nd most likely “rockstar” after Adam (do what Adam does, even if just using the same hair-lady) I expected more from Allison though. Her vocals rock as is…but with all the awesome female rockers out there, she could have gone a totally different route and totally own it.

1. Adam Lambert – As if there was any possibility of anyone else doing better during rock week. Adam owns vocals totally match up with Robert Plant’s blue print.


—side note—  I’ve seen a lot of talk on other sites about people not fully supporting Kara being a judge on the show. I have to say, I was skeptical at first. But really, she’s got every right to be there. She gives better advice than Randy and has a much more respectable background than Paula, not to mention being more coherent. If Simon were to leave the show, at least Kara has the resume to command that kind of respect.


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