American Idol: VOTE to 5702 & 5703

Ok, not going to do a big review here. Just wanted to give a quick thought to tonight’s performances.

Danny – Can sing his ass off. He has bored me and greatly undershot my expectations. He was awesome when the competition started, easily set himself as a front-runner amongst all the less talented. For a while, I was hoping him and his buddy would go all the way to being #1 and #2. His talent alone got him this far. He’s got a great personality along with it. But his performances recently have been lackluster. For the first time I am saying: this needs to be the end of the road for Danny Gokey.

Adam – Anyone who doesn’t think Adam is talented – please comment with a good reason why not. Then I’m going to say this, there is no good reason why Adam shouldn’t be this season’s winner. Easily the best performer. The guy is just plain cool. If “gay” is something you have a problem with…please refer to Rob Halford and Freddy Mercury. If broadway is another term you’d want to throw around, remember that Sebastian Bach (Skidrow) has been just one of many rockstars on broadway. He’s the first true “rockstar” that’s come along on this show. Daughtry is a good singer/songwriter…but doesn’t have the personality and charisma. David #1 from last year is elevator music comparatively. And, I don’t even know what that one long haired guy’s name is…

Kris – So, I can’t believe I’m actually full-on supporting Kris Allen for the finals. The guy has been SO damn boring to me this whole season. But, he and his funny mouth impressed me tonight. He did a decent version of “Apologize”, which would have been just fine on any previous show…but a little tame at this stage of the competition. Then he whips out “Heartless” – Kanye take notes: he smashed you on this song. I’ve hated this song when it comes on the radio, because Mr. West’s version is injected with entirely too much Auto-tunage. Kris stripped it down, just his vocals and his acoustic. One of the coolest songs of the whole season.


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