Top 10: VHS tapes worn out as a kid

So we all did this when we were little, we had a handful of movies that we would watch on repeat. Probably annoyed the crap out of anyone else in the house. While I still have movies that I have watched multiple times, I no longer watch the same few every chance I get. I had forgotten about this little habit until I noticed my niece and nephew’s watching habits. Every chance he gets – Star Wars (all 6). Every chance she gets – Little Mermaid (and yes she has all the sequels for that too). Only these kids are whipping out DVD’s, with hardly any scratches – they never skip. They will never know burden of the worn VHS tape. The weird static in the corners, the slowing/speeding of tempo. These were definitely my most watched. AND of course – rewind when finished!

10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – All three of them. The second movie was always my favorite, just seemed a little bit more fun. Also, “TMNT” is an abomination.

9: Terminator 2 – Sure, I was only 6 when this came out. I don’t care, I didn’t get limited to viewing when I was growing up – ratings meant nothing to me. I only knew awesome – this movie was awesome. Smart move, making Arnold the good guy this time.

8: The Muppet Christmas Carol – Before YouTube videos of Bohemian Rhapsody, the Muppets were still awesome. I still think it’s the best movie adaptation of the classic novel. This movie also has me convinced that Michael Caine has always been old.

7: Wayne’s World – Speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, this movie is the reason that everyone knows that song. Not that it wasn’t an awesome song before, just some people don’t look around for better music than what’s on top 40. What happened to Tia Carrere? 

6: Back to the Future II – I didn’t have the first one. But, I always like this one better as a kid. This one lived up to its title – we actually got to see the future. The first one just showed us the past…huge disapointment as a 6 year old. Where’s my hoverboard Element?

5: Jurassic Park – There was nothing scarier than watching the water in the plastic cup shake. This should be what any filmmaker has to watch before they consider adding CGI effects. Think – “hmmm…does this GI Joe mech-suit look as real as a T-Rex?” No? Then don’t do it! 

4: The NeverEnding Story – The sequels don’t exist. This one is a little more awkward to watch now that I’m older than Sebastian, Atreyu, and the Empress. Gmork is scary as hell. Artax dying is still one of the saddest scenes ever filmed.

3: The Sandlot – The sequels don’t exist. Wendy Peffercorn is the hottest lifeguard ever, Bertram got really into the 60’s, and “you’re killing me Smalls”.

2: Labyrinth – At one time, I had 3 copies of this movie. This was my introduction to David Bowie. I don’t think I ever stopped having a crush on Jennifer Connelly.

1: Willow – I fricken love this movie! My track record with this one is burning through 2 VHS tapes (one actually broke the VCR too) Val Kilmer has never been cooler. Nelwyns > hobbits. I didn’t even know Warwick Davis’ real name until well into high school. 

*Movies I didn’t have but would have gotten worn out: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Princess Bride, Star Wars IV-VI, Young Frankenstein*


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