10 Famous Daughters (who took only the best traits from their dads)

 I was thinking recently about all the show-biz families. The Barrymore’s, which couldn’t be happier that Drew did NOT have a kid with Tom Green. The combos of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, or Kirk and Michael Douglas. Both Goldie and Kate are very pretty, you can believe that they have the same genes. But see, there’s some celebrities out there that you just stop and think, “They’re related?!”

This is my top 10 hot daughters — not so good looking fathers…

10: Eric Roberts & Emma Roberts

First off, I’ll admit that Eric was better looking as a young man. But, really…if you need an evil businessman or mob boss, Eric Roberts is your go-to guy. He’s the new Jack Palance. Emma on the other hand, takes more traits from her aunt. Soft features and seems like a sweet girl. I think she’s even prettier than Julia, because she thankfully doesn’t have those duck-lips.

9: Ernie Lively & Blake Lively

Ernie doesn’t have the big name that his daughter has already established, but he’s got a ton of work on his resume. Blake however is considered one of the hottest up-and-coming stars. She did a movie about pants that was pretty popular, I don’t have any more info on it than that…I’m a guy.

8: Bruce Paltrow & Gwyneth Paltrow

Bruce spends his time behind the camera; writing, directing and producing. Gwyneth is an A-list leading lady with her looks and acting chops. She got an academy award and was in both Iron Man movies along side Robert Downey Jr…I can’t decide which is a  cooler accomplishment.

7. Quincy Jones & Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones is huge in the music industry, produced stuff for Michael Jackson. All great stuff, and you don’t have to look good doing it. His daughter is freaking hot. The big debate is not Team Jacob or Team Edward…its – Karen or Pam? I am most definitely Team Karen.

6. Hulk Hogan & Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan worked out his body and became one of the best at his profession. Brooke worked out her body and umm…got her dad to create a reality show to create a buzz for her pop career. Not much else…

5. Geoffrey Lewis & Juliette Lewis

Not that he’s particularly all that bad looking…but when you’ve done multiple projects with Rob Zombie – you should know you’re starting to be borderline creepy. His daughter pulls off serial killer and beauty all in one. See Kalifornia and Natural Born Killers for examples of crazy hot. Sorry Luke Wilson, but I would definitely be there for the gang bang.

4. Paul Sorvino & Mira Sorvino

When you’re an Italian-American actor from New York, do they give you any parts that aren’t based around the mafia? His daughter is gorgeous, but I’m afraid there’s probably already a hit put out on me for saying that. Mr. Sorvino, I’d also like to state that I respect your daughter’s personality and intelligence (Harvard, Magna Cum Laude).

3. Jon Voight & Angelina Jolie

This one should be pretty expected. I mean this is the one chick that you’d have a chance at convincing your girl to go 3-way with, then she would leave you so they could date exclusively. Her dad however gets regurgitated by a big ass snake, then has enough creepy/crazy left to wink at you before death.

2. Steven Tyler & Liv Tyler

This was my reason for writing this post. Steven Tyler is awesome, love his music. Aerosmith rules. But damn you are an ugly man. That’s the best picture I could find of him, I could see where a few groupies might find it acceptable to sleep with him – kinda. Liv is amazing, not only is she the prettiest rockstar offspring, but she fights orcs, meteors, and huge spikey beasts. Ok, so she did none of those things…but she looks good next to the people who did!

1. Ron Howard & Bryce Dallas Howard

Now look, Ron is a great director. He was a good child actor too…but he did not grow up to be a handsome man. His daughter however is hot with her natural red hair and is the only good thing about Spiderman 3, going blonde. Bryce took all of Ron’s best traits, none of which include the Howard family looks. Quick – think of Hollywood’s go-to ugly guy…

Clint Howard - you might recognize him as the cross-dresser in Little Nicky or the dragon in Willow.

*Honorable Mention* — Aaron Spelling & Tori Spelling

(Just kidding, they are both no fun to look at)


2 Responses to “10 Famous Daughters (who took only the best traits from their dads)”

  1. Fel,y Ssntos Says:

    Yes. Tori Spelling is not that beauty…She just have his make uo and other things to look good but no good…not really good looking maybe like her father…

  2. col3…

    […]10 Famous Daughters (who took only the best traits from their dads) « Kc2 – random thoughts on music and movies[…]…

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