Top 10 Songs to put you in a good mood…

This is a list of songs that for whatever reason, always seem to get people happy. It’s almost guaranteed that when any one of these comes on the radio/ipod/jukebox…instant smile/head-nod/laugh or if you’re a group of drunk girls – scream.

Shown: Happiness

10. Len – Steal my Sunshine : I don’t think you can have a song with the word “sunshine” without it being at least somewhat happy. This song also contains the infectious beat and the sweet female verse…without being as annoying as Barbie Girl.  Add the fact that this is a one hit wonder – you have the Oh-I-know-this-song feeling.

9. White Stripes – We Are Gonna Be Friends : Ok, let the record state – I dislike Napolean Dynamite. But, it does contain this super-happy-fun-song in the soundtrack.  It’s impossible to be sad after hearing this song…the melody is like stuffing a fluffy bunny in one ear and marshmallows in the other. 

8. House of Pain – Jump Around : All you have to hear is that opening brass – Bah… Bah bah Baaaaaaahhhmmm…  – and you want to hit the dance floor. Possibly the top white-rap of all time. The rhymes are fairly easy to spout (allowing any wannabe MC to think they are cool for 3 minutes and 30 seconds). Best part of all, you don’t even need dance moves – just… well… jump around.

7. Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice : Similar to song above, in terms of energy…only cooler. Snoop has such a silky smooth delivery when he raps…its like he could tell you he will straight up murder you and you will strangely be ok with it. But it’s fine, because while Dr. Dre also adds his production and vocals, it’s the least threatening song from either of them. They just wanna kick back and have a good time – pocket full of rubbers optional.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner : Awesome band, awesome song. Every line in this tune is about a whole town just unwinding and rockin’ out. While not only being classic, it also contains the #1 rule to making a great sing-a-long — repeat the chorus a shit-ton towards the end. Try not to get it stuck in your head.

5. Incubus – Drive :  Perfect song for when you need a little inspiration. But the best thing about this song is that it fits to almost any situation – love, stress, work, life – and it doesn’t mention the bad things what so ever. It’s just all positive.

4. Outkast – Hey Ya : 1,2,3,4 ! Pretty much any of Outkast’s singles are infectious. This song, I think, is the most fun…containing simple choruses, quick verses, and one of the best “breakdowns” ever for the bridge.

3. Andrew WK – Party Hard : Very simple message contained here…party, then party some more, and when you’re done with that, party harder. While you bang your head to this one, do yourself a favor and look up “Andrew WK’s Party Tips” from his Twitter account…then enjoy the rest of your life.

2. Sublime – What I Got : This would be a perfect song for a one hit wonder…but it turns out that Sublime has a bunch of other awesome songs too. This song is kind of the opposite of Drive…in that it does talk about some crappy stuff. But, it just oozes optimism. Great song for cruising around with the windows down.

1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing : Fuck this song, fuck its life…its so damn positive. And you can’t just listen to a little piece of it either… Scanning the radio? You know you’ll stop if you even think you hear this one. Sitting at a bar? First line starts and BOOM! you try to hit all the high notes. You know why Hands Across America failed? It’s because they wanted that thing to last 15 minutes…this song is only 4 minutes long!

*Happy Birthday Brittney*


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