Woodstock ’99

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Seriously, how awesome was the year 1999? Its just been something that I keep thinking about lately when I look around at how our world is now, and what is happening in pop culture. Starting out with the amazing movies that came out; Fight Club, American Beauty, the Green Mile, Eyes Wide Shut, Office Space, Boondock Saints. The Matrix blew everyone’s minds away, where now it only gets remembered for its sequels, M. Night was the next big thing with the 6th Sense. Although, George Lucas was about to prove that he was full of shit and ruin most everyone’s childhoods in April of that year.

For those that hadn’t started driving to the theaters yet, we still had awesome TV shows with debuts from the Sopranos, Family Guy, and the West Wing. We still got to watch Michael J. Fox for one more year on Spin City. We did have to say goodbye to shows like NewsRadio, Home Improvement, and Doug.

Even the music industry brought the awesome that year. We were finally able to use the artist-formally-known-as-Prince song to its exact specifications. Napster launched, which completely changed the way we get our music. Britney Spears was hot as hell and still possibly a virgin. White people were allowed to listen to rap music when Eminem got unleashed on the world. We didn’t care when Dr. Dre’s “Detox” would finally drop, because we had “2001” to listen to. John Frusciante rejoined the Chilli Peppers to release Californication (arguably the best RHCP album). Travis Barker had joined Blink 182. Slipknot released their debut album. *its cool because I lived in Iowa*

Phillip J. Fry was still delivering pizzas while the Clinton administration had the country at tip top economic status despite impeachment and blowjobs. The US dollar was still pretty badass compared to this new “Euro” scam. Sarah Palin was only relevant to Alaskans. Dubya was hanging out in Texas.

Jesse Ventura was an actor-in-Predator-turned-governor that DIDN’T fuck the help. And, if you were into pro-wrestling…it was a hell of a year for that too. We didn’t call the Rock – Dwayne Johnson. WCW still existed. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the baddest man on the planet. Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Big Boss Man, Test, Kanyon, Eddie Guerrero, and Randy Savage were all still in the ring.

I’m a Denver Broncos fan, so I had the awesome experience of seeing John Elway finish his career with a 2nd Superbowl win. The city of Cleveland got its NFL team back – they are still waiting to celebrate. Not much has changed in the NBA…they had a lockout then too. It would be the last time we’d see Gretzky on ice. Baseball was slightly more exciting because of the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. I’m sure something happened in tennis, soccer and golf that year, I mean, I know Tiger was still good and all.

Best of all…we didn’t have to deal with “emo”, skinny jeans, crocs, and auto-tune.


Top 10 Songs to put you in a good mood…

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This is a list of songs that for whatever reason, always seem to get people happy. It’s almost guaranteed that when any one of these comes on the radio/ipod/jukebox…instant smile/head-nod/laugh or if you’re a group of drunk girls – scream.

Shown: Happiness

10. Len – Steal my Sunshine : I don’t think you can have a song with the word “sunshine” without it being at least somewhat happy. This song also contains the infectious beat and the sweet female verse…without being as annoying as Barbie Girl.  Add the fact that this is a one hit wonder – you have the Oh-I-know-this-song feeling.

9. White Stripes – We Are Gonna Be Friends : Ok, let the record state – I dislike Napolean Dynamite. But, it does contain this super-happy-fun-song in the soundtrack.  It’s impossible to be sad after hearing this song…the melody is like stuffing a fluffy bunny in one ear and marshmallows in the other. 

8. House of Pain – Jump Around : All you have to hear is that opening brass – Bah… Bah bah Baaaaaaahhhmmm…  – and you want to hit the dance floor. Possibly the top white-rap of all time. The rhymes are fairly easy to spout (allowing any wannabe MC to think they are cool for 3 minutes and 30 seconds). Best part of all, you don’t even need dance moves – just… well… jump around.

7. Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice : Similar to song above, in terms of energy…only cooler. Snoop has such a silky smooth delivery when he raps…its like he could tell you he will straight up murder you and you will strangely be ok with it. But it’s fine, because while Dr. Dre also adds his production and vocals, it’s the least threatening song from either of them. They just wanna kick back and have a good time – pocket full of rubbers optional.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner : Awesome band, awesome song. Every line in this tune is about a whole town just unwinding and rockin’ out. While not only being classic, it also contains the #1 rule to making a great sing-a-long — repeat the chorus a shit-ton towards the end. Try not to get it stuck in your head.

5. Incubus – Drive :  Perfect song for when you need a little inspiration. But the best thing about this song is that it fits to almost any situation – love, stress, work, life – and it doesn’t mention the bad things what so ever. It’s just all positive.

4. Outkast – Hey Ya : 1,2,3,4 ! Pretty much any of Outkast’s singles are infectious. This song, I think, is the most fun…containing simple choruses, quick verses, and one of the best “breakdowns” ever for the bridge.

3. Andrew WK – Party Hard : Very simple message contained here…party, then party some more, and when you’re done with that, party harder. While you bang your head to this one, do yourself a favor and look up “Andrew WK’s Party Tips” from his Twitter account…then enjoy the rest of your life.

2. Sublime – What I Got : This would be a perfect song for a one hit wonder…but it turns out that Sublime has a bunch of other awesome songs too. This song is kind of the opposite of Drive…in that it does talk about some crappy stuff. But, it just oozes optimism. Great song for cruising around with the windows down.

1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing : Fuck this song, fuck its life…its so damn positive. And you can’t just listen to a little piece of it either… Scanning the radio? You know you’ll stop if you even think you hear this one. Sitting at a bar? First line starts and BOOM! you try to hit all the high notes. You know why Hands Across America failed? It’s because they wanted that thing to last 15 minutes…this song is only 4 minutes long!

*Happy Birthday Brittney*

Mel Gibson’s Lethal Words: Part II

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In case you don’t know where to find the audio…


Holy Crap…is he eligible to collect unemployment? No way does anybody credible put him in a movie anytime soon. Listen until at least the 2:00 min mark to hear possibly the classiest line ever “Shut the F*ck up, you should just F*cking smile, and BLOW me!”

10 Famous Daughters (who took only the best traits from their dads)

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 I was thinking recently about all the show-biz families. The Barrymore’s, which couldn’t be happier that Drew did NOT have a kid with Tom Green. The combos of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, or Kirk and Michael Douglas. Both Goldie and Kate are very pretty, you can believe that they have the same genes. But see, there’s some celebrities out there that you just stop and think, “They’re related?!”

This is my top 10 hot daughters — not so good looking fathers…

10: Eric Roberts & Emma Roberts

First off, I’ll admit that Eric was better looking as a young man. But, really…if you need an evil businessman or mob boss, Eric Roberts is your go-to guy. He’s the new Jack Palance. Emma on the other hand, takes more traits from her aunt. Soft features and seems like a sweet girl. I think she’s even prettier than Julia, because she thankfully doesn’t have those duck-lips.

9: Ernie Lively & Blake Lively

Ernie doesn’t have the big name that his daughter has already established, but he’s got a ton of work on his resume. Blake however is considered one of the hottest up-and-coming stars. She did a movie about pants that was pretty popular, I don’t have any more info on it than that…I’m a guy.

8: Bruce Paltrow & Gwyneth Paltrow

Bruce spends his time behind the camera; writing, directing and producing. Gwyneth is an A-list leading lady with her looks and acting chops. She got an academy award and was in both Iron Man movies along side Robert Downey Jr…I can’t decide which is a  cooler accomplishment.

7. Quincy Jones & Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones is huge in the music industry, produced stuff for Michael Jackson. All great stuff, and you don’t have to look good doing it. His daughter is freaking hot. The big debate is not Team Jacob or Team Edward…its – Karen or Pam? I am most definitely Team Karen.

6. Hulk Hogan & Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan worked out his body and became one of the best at his profession. Brooke worked out her body and umm…got her dad to create a reality show to create a buzz for her pop career. Not much else…

5. Geoffrey Lewis & Juliette Lewis

Not that he’s particularly all that bad looking…but when you’ve done multiple projects with Rob Zombie – you should know you’re starting to be borderline creepy. His daughter pulls off serial killer and beauty all in one. See Kalifornia and Natural Born Killers for examples of crazy hot. Sorry Luke Wilson, but I would definitely be there for the gang bang.

4. Paul Sorvino & Mira Sorvino

When you’re an Italian-American actor from New York, do they give you any parts that aren’t based around the mafia? His daughter is gorgeous, but I’m afraid there’s probably already a hit put out on me for saying that. Mr. Sorvino, I’d also like to state that I respect your daughter’s personality and intelligence (Harvard, Magna Cum Laude).

3. Jon Voight & Angelina Jolie

This one should be pretty expected. I mean this is the one chick that you’d have a chance at convincing your girl to go 3-way with, then she would leave you so they could date exclusively. Her dad however gets regurgitated by a big ass snake, then has enough creepy/crazy left to wink at you before death.

2. Steven Tyler & Liv Tyler

This was my reason for writing this post. Steven Tyler is awesome, love his music. Aerosmith rules. But damn you are an ugly man. That’s the best picture I could find of him, I could see where a few groupies might find it acceptable to sleep with him – kinda. Liv is amazing, not only is she the prettiest rockstar offspring, but she fights orcs, meteors, and huge spikey beasts. Ok, so she did none of those things…but she looks good next to the people who did!

1. Ron Howard & Bryce Dallas Howard

Now look, Ron is a great director. He was a good child actor too…but he did not grow up to be a handsome man. His daughter however is hot with her natural red hair and is the only good thing about Spiderman 3, going blonde. Bryce took all of Ron’s best traits, none of which include the Howard family looks. Quick – think of Hollywood’s go-to ugly guy…

Clint Howard - you might recognize him as the cross-dresser in Little Nicky or the dragon in Willow.

*Honorable Mention* — Aaron Spelling & Tori Spelling

(Just kidding, they are both no fun to look at)

Top 10: VHS tapes worn out as a kid

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So we all did this when we were little, we had a handful of movies that we would watch on repeat. Probably annoyed the crap out of anyone else in the house. While I still have movies that I have watched multiple times, I no longer watch the same few every chance I get. I had forgotten about this little habit until I noticed my niece and nephew’s watching habits. Every chance he gets – Star Wars (all 6). Every chance she gets – Little Mermaid (and yes she has all the sequels for that too). Only these kids are whipping out DVD’s, with hardly any scratches – they never skip. They will never know burden of the worn VHS tape. The weird static in the corners, the slowing/speeding of tempo. These were definitely my most watched. AND of course – rewind when finished!

10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – All three of them. The second movie was always my favorite, just seemed a little bit more fun. Also, “TMNT” is an abomination.

9: Terminator 2 – Sure, I was only 6 when this came out. I don’t care, I didn’t get limited to viewing when I was growing up – ratings meant nothing to me. I only knew awesome – this movie was awesome. Smart move, making Arnold the good guy this time.

8: The Muppet Christmas Carol – Before YouTube videos of Bohemian Rhapsody, the Muppets were still awesome. I still think it’s the best movie adaptation of the classic novel. This movie also has me convinced that Michael Caine has always been old.

7: Wayne’s World – Speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, this movie is the reason that everyone knows that song. Not that it wasn’t an awesome song before, just some people don’t look around for better music than what’s on top 40. What happened to Tia Carrere? 

6: Back to the Future II – I didn’t have the first one. But, I always like this one better as a kid. This one lived up to its title – we actually got to see the future. The first one just showed us the past…huge disapointment as a 6 year old. Where’s my hoverboard Element?

5: Jurassic Park – There was nothing scarier than watching the water in the plastic cup shake. This should be what any filmmaker has to watch before they consider adding CGI effects. Think – “hmmm…does this GI Joe mech-suit look as real as a T-Rex?” No? Then don’t do it! 

4: The NeverEnding Story – The sequels don’t exist. This one is a little more awkward to watch now that I’m older than Sebastian, Atreyu, and the Empress. Gmork is scary as hell. Artax dying is still one of the saddest scenes ever filmed.

3: The Sandlot – The sequels don’t exist. Wendy Peffercorn is the hottest lifeguard ever, Bertram got really into the 60’s, and “you’re killing me Smalls”.

2: Labyrinth – At one time, I had 3 copies of this movie. This was my introduction to David Bowie. I don’t think I ever stopped having a crush on Jennifer Connelly.

1: Willow – I fricken love this movie! My track record with this one is burning through 2 VHS tapes (one actually broke the VCR too) Val Kilmer has never been cooler. Nelwyns > hobbits. I didn’t even know Warwick Davis’ real name until well into high school. 

*Movies I didn’t have but would have gotten worn out: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Princess Bride, Star Wars IV-VI, Young Frankenstein*

“10 Musical Legends Whose Deaths Were Legendary” – Re-done

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Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be one to talk…since I haven’t done a very good job keeping up with my own blog. But sometime I’ve got to come out of the hiatus when people over look the obvious. In case you’ve ever read Rob O’Conner’s blog on Yahoo!  “List of the Day” – you might know what I’m talking about. This isn’t the first time I thought he did a terrible job with his picks. See the blog he gets paid for here — http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/listoftheday/131478/10-musical-legends-whose-deaths-were-legendary/

Alright, now what should be the real list:

10. Jeff Buckley – Much more talented than just being ranked #10. But, he didn’t get much of a chance to leave a mark on the world. His voice was amazing. No other version of “Hallelujah” comes close to his cover.

9. Randy Rhoads/Duane Allman – I believe the youngest people on this list. They made everyone re-think how to play the electric guitar. Allman died at 24, in a motorcycle wreck and there’s no limit to what he did and could have done to Southern Rock. Randy died while pranking Ozzy Osbourne with his low-flying pilot – the plane actually clipped the tour bus and crashed. Randy brought classical music into metal. Only making it to 26, he had already changed the face of 80’s hair metal.

8. Keith Moon/John Bonham – I don’t really want to group these 2, but they were both insanely good drummers. Their influence still lives on.

7. Cliff Burton – Maybe the least recognizable name on this list. But, he’s the reason we know of the band Metallica. Still considered one of the best (if not THE BEST) bassists ever. He did things with 4 strings that people didn’t think were possible at the time. If he had lived through the 80’s, its very likely that Load – St. Anger would not be considered low points for Metallica.

6. Bob Marley – While I’m not that big of a fan of Marley. (Sorry, I just don’t appreciate Reggae that much) I still have a huge amount of respect for a guy that defines his entire genre. Nobody makes that kind of music without getting compared to him — or at least sharing his last name.

5. Kurt Cobain – This was Rob O’Connor’s biggest oversight. The music of the 90’s wouldn’t exist without him. He single handedly killed hair-metal. His suicide made a whole lot of people re-think their fantasies about being famous. If nothing else he continued the rockstar tradition of making it to 27.

4. Elvis Presley/2pac — I know, I know…its very weird to combine the two. Elvis makes it this high, because of the obvious. But 2pac gets this high for me because he shares the same after-death treatment as the king of rock-n-roll. They both have huge cult followings that believe they didn’t really die. Elvis had peaked long before his death, but his legend only grew. And 2pac became arguably the most famous and respected rapper – especially with so much of his work released posthumously.

3. Michael Jackson – He gets mentioned, but then not placed on Rob’s list …interesting. I’m sorry, but this is the same thing as #4, only this will be bigger than Elvis. I’ve already heard people trying to spread rumor that Jackson’s death is a hoax, there’s question of murder or accidental death, and lets not forget – its freakin Michael Jackson. His music is timeless, his life-style was insane, and his influence will never end. 

2. John Lennon – Possibly the most tragic death on this list. This guy was a Beatle. That alone qualifies you for most influential people of all time. He had been there – done that. He didn’t need to accomplish anything else. Yet, it still feels like he was robbed from the world. We all want to know what else he could have done.

1. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison – The 60’s died when these 3 heavy hitters left the world. The legend of “age 27” starts with them. Joplin was a pioneer for women in rock. Morrison was an anomaly that changed everyone’s image of the classic “frontman”. Jimi Hendrix only needs his guitar to do the talking.

Alright so my ‘top 10’ included 15 people – sweet. And, just for the fun of it – Honorable mentions…

Bradley Nowell– Sublime is still one of the most influential bands of the 90’s, after like what…one album?
Sid Vicious – He only made it to 22…really?
Dimebag Darrell– One of the best metal guitarists of all time. The way he was killed in front of his brother is horrible.
Freddy Mercury – It doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation was…he will always be a requirement for top singers lists.
Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, The Big Bopper – 3 major tragedies all in one.
Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines – Southern rock suffered a huge loss with this plane crash.

Near misses –

Travis Barker – He and DJ AM nearly lost their lives in a plane crash. Tragically, DJ AM found another way to go.
Billy Joel – 1 suicide attempt and 3 car crashes…is he cheating death or have a death wish?
All Members of Motley Crue – Seriously. Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx…how did they survive?

American Idol: VOTE to 5702 & 5703

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Ok, not going to do a big review here. Just wanted to give a quick thought to tonight’s performances.

Danny – Can sing his ass off. He has bored me and greatly undershot my expectations. He was awesome when the competition started, easily set himself as a front-runner amongst all the less talented. For a while, I was hoping him and his buddy would go all the way to being #1 and #2. His talent alone got him this far. He’s got a great personality along with it. But his performances recently have been lackluster. For the first time I am saying: this needs to be the end of the road for Danny Gokey.

Adam – Anyone who doesn’t think Adam is talented – please comment with a good reason why not. Then I’m going to say this, there is no good reason why Adam shouldn’t be this season’s winner. Easily the best performer. The guy is just plain cool. If “gay” is something you have a problem with…please refer to Rob Halford and Freddy Mercury. If broadway is another term you’d want to throw around, remember that Sebastian Bach (Skidrow) has been just one of many rockstars on broadway. He’s the first true “rockstar” that’s come along on this show. Daughtry is a good singer/songwriter…but doesn’t have the personality and charisma. David #1 from last year is elevator music comparatively. And, I don’t even know what that one long haired guy’s name is…

Kris – So, I can’t believe I’m actually full-on supporting Kris Allen for the finals. The guy has been SO damn boring to me this whole season. But, he and his funny mouth impressed me tonight. He did a decent version of “Apologize”, which would have been just fine on any previous show…but a little tame at this stage of the competition. Then he whips out “Heartless” – Kanye take notes: he smashed you on this song. I’ve hated this song when it comes on the radio, because Mr. West’s version is injected with entirely too much Auto-tunage. Kris stripped it down, just his vocals and his acoustic. One of the coolest songs of the whole season.