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10 Best Mark, Tom, and/or Travis songs.

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10: Diamonds and Guns – Transplants: The Transplants are the most unlike-the-other-bands. For good reason, different vocal style and guitar playing. Some of Travis’s best stuff though. Diamonds and Guns makes for a great, if unlikely, shampoo commercial soundtrack.

9: Elevator – Boxcar Racer: Mark was pretty pissed about Tom and Travis forming this side project. At least he did guest vocals on this somber track.

8: Not Now – Blink 182: It was the last single to come from Blink 182. It was a very fitting ‘goodbye’ to the fans.

7: When Your Heart Stops Beating – Plus 44: The hit single from the Plus 44 debut. Also, it was during the filming of this video that Travis busted his hand on the snair drum…hence playing a few gigs one-armed.

6: All The Small Things – Blink 182: The song that made Blink 182 mainstream. This combined with “What’s My Age Again?” turned Blink 182 into arguably the biggest pop-punk band ever.

5: Damnit – Blink 182: One of the best songs to come out of the pre-Travis era. I still don’t know why Guitar Hero: World Tour chose this song for Travis’s in-game character. Maybe choose one that oh, I don’t know, he actually recorded? 

Image Preview4: The Adventure – Angels & Airwaves: When this was leaked online, I thought it was one of the most amazing things ever. Still probably my favorite track from this group along side “The War”.

3: No it Isn’t – Plus 44: This song is a complete and total F—You to Tom. It was even “leaked” online – on his birthday.

2: Feeling This – Blink 182: Despite the horrible editing job, its the best song off the Madden ’04 soundtrack. It’s an excellent song about sex. I also really like the way it was recorded. The intro with the drums ‘phasing’ in is pretty cool.

Blink-182 band members Mark Hoppus (L), Travis Barker (C), and Tom DeLonge1: I Miss You – Blink 182: The biggest single for Blink 182. Won an award for “best love song” that year. My favorite Blink songs are the ones when Mark and Tom both sing. This is them at their best vocally. Haunting lyrics and a creepy video…a far cry from their old immature humor and rough production quality.


My favorite Blink 182 Music Video – [youtube=]


10 bands that manage to stand out

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There’s been an increase in quotes that go something like this… “I hate all new music, it all sounds the same” Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) was quoted as saying he doesn’t buy new music because he doesn’t think any of it is good. Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) said something similar back in the 90’s about how you couldn’t tell what artist you were listening to on the radio anymore.

My answer to that is – What do you expect?? There are only 12 notes, total. I dare somebody to invent the ‘H’ note.

So, I do agree with the thought that there isn’t much variety or originality in today’s music. Back in the 70’s you knew you were listening to Sabbath, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, etc. Where as today, you can get confused with bands like Evan’s Blue, Hurt, Sick Puppies, Red, and Three Days Grace – not that I’m dissing these bands. These are 10 artists that get radio play that still manage to stand out in today’s radio. (I stuck with ‘active rock’ bands who’s bulk of music came in the 2000’s, and this isn’t about how ‘good’ the band is, so don’t start thowing stuff at me)

10. Breaking Benjamin – For the most part, their guitars and guitar tones sound just like anything else in their genre. The drums are nothing new. Plug in any singer and you’ll have any band. But, Benjamin himself has a voice that is pretty unique…you know its Breaking Benjamin when he starts singing. His voice defines the band just as much as his name.

9. Blue October – Add really meaningful lyrics to alternative rock with a violin. Justin is also a really good singer and frontman. If his voice, the violin playing, or catchy guitar parts don’t grab you, then the emotional lyrics definitly will.

8. System of a Down – Even though they are on hiatus and have different projects. You still listen to Serj Tankian and Scars on Broadway and think ‘System’. Their voices and styles are just too recognizable to be thought of exclusively.

7. Korn – I haven’t liked Korn since Head walked out on them to find religion. Even though Korn has influence many bands to try to copycat their “nu-metal” sound, no one has come close until Head started releasing his own material. The sound that really makes KoRn unique is their bass, and that “rattle” that is in every one of their songs.

6. Sevendust – This band is hit or miss with me for the most part, I have to be in the mood to listen to them. Regardless, Lajon Witherspoon’s vocals are unlike anybody else on the radio.

5. Mudvayne – “Math Metal” – no body else on the radio does it like these guys. There aren’t many bass players that can keep up with Ryan Martinie. While Chad Gray does his share of screaming, it’s his melodic vocals that are really different.

4. Disturbed – Dan Donegan’s guitarwork definitly has a unique tone. You know it’s Disturbed even before David Draimen’s vocals come in, and those are unique on their own.     

3. Skindred – Well, simply put…who else does reggae-metal? 

2. Avenged Sevenfold – I think this is what Guns-n-Roses would sound like if they wore more black and eyeliner. Well, add The Rev’s speedy drumming too. M Shadow’s vocals are unlike anything else in radio-metal.

1. Nickelback – Suprised? You shouldn’t be. They rule the radio. They found the formula that works, there’s no reason to change that. Record labels seem to try to make everyone more like Nickelback too. Daughtry, sounds like Nickelback. Puddle of Mudd, sounds like Nickelback. Hinder, sounds like Nickelback. Get the idea? While there are tons of bands that compare to Nickelback, none of them have Chad Kroeger. No one else compares. His voice sells. Any song they release = instant hit. Hell, Kroeger even helps Santana sell records.

Unsigned/Indie – A Misory Band

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Now that I’m getting back into writing regularly, I’d better get back on track with 50 States – 50 indie bands. (I’m still taking suggestions) I know about quite a few bands in the midwest area. There seems to be a ton of them from the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. Well this is a Missouri band that comes from a small town.

A No Coast November

Jeff Ritchie – Bass
Cody Lilly – Guitar
Tyler McIntosh – Vocals
Steve Lydick – Guitar
Ben Davis – Drums

This is a brand new band. Literally, they just started this year. And yet, they already have a very solid sound. This is partially because 3 of the guys have played together in another band, some people in the midwest might recall the band “Save the Empire”. But this is a much different band, Steve switched string instruments, and Jeff stopped singing.

Cody Lilly is a very talented guitar player that writes memorable rock riffs and contributes great, subtle lead licks. Ben’s drums are tight and contribute to the music, without being too busy or distracting, like some other drummers within this genre. The lyrics are memorable and catchy, and Tyler’s vocals mix well with the instrumentation behind him.

“Ten Bucks Says You’ve Never Had a Conscience” is probably my favorite song of theirs right now, with lyrics like ‘its way to late to plead your case, so save your breath, you’ll need it when you’re six feet under’. Jeff also comes though with backing vocals on this track.

This may be a newer band, but I think there’s a lot of potential. If you get a chance, check them out on their tour in the next few months. If you live in the midwest – east regions, they’ll be coming close to you. More information at and

Unsigned/Indie – A band review

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Today I thought I would try something new. Unknown bands can use all the publicity they can get. So, I’m going to write a few reviews on unsigned/indie bands that I come accross. These will be ones that I like enough to want to introduce them to others.

Today’s band – Throw the Fight
Throw the Fight
James – Vocals
Ryan – Guitar
Joey – Guitar
Aaron – Bass
Cory – Drums

This is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN.  If you ever get a chance to see thses guys touring around the midwest, you’ll get treated to a high energy performance. With their former frontman, this band was a lot more punk infused. But now with James, this band keeps its punk influence, but gained more melody and turned up the distortion on the guitars. Some good comparisons would be The Almost, Evans Blue, and Finch. You can check them out on myspace and at