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Marilyn Manson – returning to form?

Posted in music with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on November 10, 2008 by kc2

So I’m a pretty big fan of the shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson. I never purchased any of his albums when I was younger, but I always turned up the radio when his songs came on. That’s how I got hooked on his music and have kept up with him ever since. His singles kick ass, Beautiful People, Disposable Teens, Dope Show, MobScene. Then I think he does some of the coolest covers, Personal Jesus, Sweet Dreams, and my personal favorite – Tainted Love. When John 5 joined – that was an added bonus, he played some cool guitar parts. At that time Manson was all about writing his brand of shocking and gothic lyrics.

Manson performing live in 2007.Then something started going wrong. Twiggy had left as bassist, John 5 left to play guitar for Rob Zombie, and Manson was doing songs that seriously lacked his trademark edge. “Eat Me Drink Me” was a weak album. “Mutilation is the most…” was just him complaining about others doing imitations of himself. “Heart-Shaped Glasses” was a weird sort of love song to Evan Rachel Wood – his 19 year old girlfriend. Overall on the album, his vocals were pretty tame and the guitars were even more so.

Well, if you feel like me – I think things are about to get a lot better. Twiggy rejoined Manson not too long ago, and they are working on an all new album. Manson and Wood have split. And, the latest thing I’ve read is that Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns) is currently Manson’s touring guitarist. Which if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you’d know I’m a big fan of his too. I don’t think he is contributing to the writing or recording of the new album, but I’m sure that they are putting in pretty heavy guitar parts for him to play on stage. And, its still not completed, so there’s still opportunity for Wes to jump in and add his own flavor. So I’m thinking this new album will be pretty killer. Manson described the new album as, “very ruthless, very heavy, and very violent” – (wikipedia). – SWEET!

Wes Borland Interview Here