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Marilyn Manson – returning to form?

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So I’m a pretty big fan of the shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson. I never purchased any of his albums when I was younger, but I always turned up the radio when his songs came on. That’s how I got hooked on his music and have kept up with him ever since. His singles kick ass, Beautiful People, Disposable Teens, Dope Show, MobScene. Then I think he does some of the coolest covers, Personal Jesus, Sweet Dreams, and my personal favorite – Tainted Love. When John 5 joined – that was an added bonus, he played some cool guitar parts. At that time Manson was all about writing his brand of shocking and gothic lyrics.

Manson performing live in 2007.Then something started going wrong. Twiggy had left as bassist, John 5 left to play guitar for Rob Zombie, and Manson was doing songs that seriously lacked his trademark edge. “Eat Me Drink Me” was a weak album. “Mutilation is the most…” was just him complaining about others doing imitations of himself. “Heart-Shaped Glasses” was a weird sort of love song to Evan Rachel Wood – his 19 year old girlfriend. Overall on the album, his vocals were pretty tame and the guitars were even more so.

Well, if you feel like me – I think things are about to get a lot better. Twiggy rejoined Manson not too long ago, and they are working on an all new album. Manson and Wood have split. And, the latest thing I’ve read is that Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns) is currently Manson’s touring guitarist. Which if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you’d know I’m a big fan of his too. I don’t think he is contributing to the writing or recording of the new album, but I’m sure that they are putting in pretty heavy guitar parts for him to play on stage. And, its still not completed, so there’s still opportunity for Wes to jump in and add his own flavor. So I’m thinking this new album will be pretty killer. Manson described the new album as, “very ruthless, very heavy, and very violent” – (wikipedia). – SWEET!

Wes Borland Interview Here


Top “lone” guitarists

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Ok, so I figured out how I want to go at listing my top guitarists. I have 3 lists. Top Guitarist-Frontmen (they sing lead and play), Top Guitar Duos (neither sing) and Top Solo Guitarists (the only melody maker and doesn’t really sing). So, 7/17/08 was Frontmen, 7/18/08 was Duos, and 7/19/08 will be alone-s. And, maybe I will do a ”best of” compilation after that…I don’t know yet. So for today enjoy my top 10 lone guitarists. Oh, honorable mention goes to System of a Down’s Daron Malakian. I love him as a guitarist, but because he keeps insisting on singing, he loses my favoritism.  


10. Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) – Deftones are another of my favorite bands from high school. Carpenter has some pretty badass riffs. [favorite work – My Own Summer]

9.  Mikko “Linde” Lindström (HIM) – He’s an underrated guitarist in this Finnish band. All the attention goes to Ville, but this dude can play. [favorite work – Wings of a Butterfly]

8. John Fruchiante (Red Hot Chili Peppers, solo) – Everyone’s favorite former junkie guitarist. Now that he’s done with heroin, he’s back with the ‘peppers. You know you’re good, if you skip classes at the Guitar Institute in Hollywood and the reps still drop your name as an alumni. [favorite work – Blood Sugar Sex Magik]

7.  Adam Jones (Tool) – The main artistic-creative force in Tool. Maynord seems like the wacko, but Jones is the one that thought up the imagery. Oh yeah, his guitar playing rules. [favorite work – Parabola]

6. Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns) – Hate Fred Durst all you want. Wes Borland kicks ass. Limp Bizkit’s sound seriously lacked when he wasn’t on their “Results May Vary”. But when he came back for one more album “The Unquestionable Truth”, he played some awesome guitar parts. His new band “Black Light Burns” isn’t too bad either. [favorite work – the Truth]

5. Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne, Hellyeah) – I’m not counting the stuff he’s done in Hellyeah, because that’s just “fun rock” with simple riffs. All the guys in Mudvayne are great musicians, and Greg is no slacker in that department either. [favorite work – Happy?]

4. Dan Donegan (Distrubed) – He uses one of the coolest guitar tones in today’s metal. His guitar playing is brutal to go with it. And from what I’ve heard of the new album, Disturbed is only getting better. [favorite work – Inside the Fire]

3. Mike Einziger (Incubus) – Incubus may have gotten softer as they’ve matured, but Mike’s guitar playing is still amazing. If I was grading just on hair, he’d probably raise a couple spots. [favorite work – Certain Shade of Green]

2. Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge) – Hell yes I rated Tremoni this high, he’s an amazing guitar player. There’s videos of him shredding on YouTube and they are awesome. His work in both bands is great. Check out his solo in Alter Bridge’s – Open Your Eyes. [favorite work – Stand Here With Me]

1. Tom Morello (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, Nightwatchman) – The master of guitar effects. I remember I used to think Rage had a DJ in the band because of some of the effects he’d do. He’s not terrible on his own, doing the singing, as Nightwatchman. Audioslave is probably the best “supergroup” of recent music. [favorite work – Gasoline]


Guitar Hero: Not-these-bands

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Guitar Hero is awesome, that’s my first statement. Rock Band is better (because the cool guys that did Guitar Hero in the beginning made it). I haven’t even played Rock Band yet, and I like it better. But, Guitar Hero is going to survive because of their marketing scemes. The first one being…lets copy Rock Band by adding drums and stuff. The second one is – actually a good idea – dedicating games for one individual band. Their first one was just released, “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith”. There is rumor that “Guitar Hero: Metallica” and ‘Guitar Hero: Beatles” are in the works. This is a list of the worst possible “Guitar Hero” band games. Please don’t ever make them.

10: Guitar Hero: Ramones – Great band, bad game. Sure there’d be a couple cool songs…but you’d be done with the game in 30 mins, Their songs last like a minute.

9: Guitar Hero: Iron Butterfly – The only thing people would play this for would be the “endurance run” aka In-a-gadda-da-vida. As apposed to GH: Ramones, this game would last days…just playing the one song.

8: Guitar Hero: Guns-n-Roses – As you play through the levels, the game actually fires guitarists and you can’t use them ever again. While you do get a bunch of cool songs to start out with, it takes over 20 years to unlock the last bracket.

7: Guitar Hero: Creed – This game would be filled with great guitar parts to play, but we’d need a “mute vocals” mode.

6: Guitar Hero: Hawethorne Heights – 6 words – The suicide rate will increase dramatically.

5: Guitar Hero: Good Charlotte – Expert mode still only uses 3 buttons.

4: Guitar Hero: Kid Rock – The songs actually get crappier as you go through the brackets…and the guitar controller gets greasier and picks fights with papparazzi.

3: Guitar Hero: Kiss – The songs never get that complicated, you’ll play a ton of songs and you’ll have to go through that “remove make-up” bracket before you go through the endless “farewell tour” tiers. Oh, and Lars Ümlaüt doesn’t look very good without make up either.

2: Guitar Hero: Limp Bizkit – Same story as “GH: Creed” but you lose the cool guitar parts in the 2nd to last bracket …luckily they did create that “ducktape vocalist to bus” cheat. You do get cool costumes to put your guitar player into though.

1: Guitar Hero: Dragonforce – As if our generation’s carpal tunnel isn’t going to be bad enough. This is the last thing we need for our wrists and fingers. All the songs will basically sound the same, guitar solos like crazy and “woah-oh-ohoh” vocals. 18 total people will actually be able to play the game, and all of them will post their videos on YouTube and hate me for writing this 🙂 …the rest of us will just bash the buttons and hope for power-ups.

Best part of a song 1.0

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Driving home today, listening to loud music in my car, I came across a realization. I LOVE a good bridge. Now, the chorus is supposed to be the cool, catchy part of the song, but what makes a song for me is the bridge. That’s the part that really gets me going. There’s so many things that artists do with a bridge too. It’s the place to have a key change, a guitar solo, a buildup, alternate lyrics, etc. I thought I would share just a few of my favorites, so you can check them out for yourself.

Avenged Sevenfold – Beast and the Harlot (3:26-4:19) Starts with a little build-up, then gets right into it. Basically my favorite thing to play in guitar hero.

Disturbed – Down with the Sickness (3:07-4:05) This breakdown has one of the most riduculously angry rants in all of music.

Enter Shikari – Ok, Time for Plan B (3:06-End) This bridge has basically all the elements of a bridge in one, it starts with a build up, its got alternate lyrics, more angst, a break down, a heavier riff and it also makes for a great time to mention the name of the song.

Flyleaf – Breathe Today(2:01-2:17) This one is short and sweet. My favorite Flyleaf song, and that’s because of her scream that takes place within those 16 seconds.

Future Leaders of the World – Kill Pop(2:40-end) This one has a great little speed part that gets faster and faster…until a triplet breaks it down to half time.

Inbubus – Nebula(2:09-3:00) Its all psycadelic for a while, then has one of the most aggressive riffs I’ve heard Incubus do.

Korn – Freak on a Leash (2:33-3:29) Classic Korn, Jonathan Davis at his best. Screaming god knows what, but everyone seemed to love that part.

Limp Bizkit – Sanatarium (2:33-end) Sure, in this cover of metallica’s Welcome Home, you have to deal with a little Durst speak, but it’s well worth it. DJ Lethal does an impressive job of scratching his way though the solo.

Rage Against the Machine – Ghost of Tom Joad(3:26-4:54) Basically Tom Morrello is the god of bridges, listen to any RATM or Audioslave and you’ll hear awesome bridges.

There’s so many more that I want to include, but I was going to try to stay away from doing a list today, and yet…

I wanted to also mention Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody…but I couldn’t really label a bridge…the whole damn song is a bridge, and it all rocks. So, remember there’s nothing like a good bridge. I’d also be interested to check out any of your suggestions.

Is it really that bad?

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Congratulations Lil’ Wayne on your recent album sales. Now you should thank Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Korn. Sound weird to say? Well, I think its true. They opened a lot of people’s eyes to rap. But I look around now, and everyone talks badly about nu-metal and rap-metal bands. If you think about it, that genre didn’t just tie different genres – it tied races. “Walk This Way” and “Bring the Noise” were the first of their kind to take rap “Black Music” and put it on top of rock music “White Music”. Before these, white kids weren’t really listening to rap and hip-hop. Although, I do credit Eminem with doing the bulk work on getting people to listen to rap.

Rage Against the MachineA little after the millenium switched over…music listeners began looking at Nu-metal negatively. And yet, I notice that Linkin Park’s album sales are still up, they were still heavily requested. Korn still has very successful tours. Now I’m wondering if instead of not liking the music, people are just afraid to admit they like it? Kind of like what happened at the end of the 80’s, people didn’t want to admit they liked glam-metal because Nirvana came out against them.

I think I will have to say that is my one big pet-peeve about the internet and all its wonders. Once a few people come out against something and start flaming others that don’t support them, individuals stop voicing their opinions because they are afraid of being called out. Well I for one support you for what ever you like, don’t be afraid to voice it. Look at Nickelback. Its pretty easy to say they are one of the most hated bands on a lot of discussion boards…but look at their success. You shouldn’t care about what “I_hatethat_05” has to say against you.

But really, am I wrong? Is rap-metal really that bad?