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10 Worst Movies to Watch – if You Want a Productive Day

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For every uplifting movie that inspires you to get out of the house, start working out, figure out decoding, eat better, and do math problems that equal 23…there’s those movies that un-inspire. The ones that drain you, or just make your laziness kick into high gear – I wouldn’t suggest watching these if you need to get shit done.

10. 300 – This isn’t about the idea of battle against an enemy, overcoming odds, or defending your home. This is about getting those abs. You watch it the first time and think, “Damn, I need to workout more.” Then you realize your stomach will never look like that. Even worse when you find out that theirs didn’t either…

9. Pirates of the Caribbean – This goes for pretty much any franchise (Star Wars would fit here too) that cable stations love to play back-to-back-to-back. You sit down, flip on the tv for just something in the background while you work on curing cancer…and 6 and a half hours later, you’re making popcorn during the commercial break of the 3rd installment. Just ask Michael Bolton, its hard to think of anything else.

8. Meet Joe Black – Not that there’s anything wrong with this movie…its just so damn long! Try watching this, or something like Avatar, and your afternoon is gone.

7. Pineapple Express – Insert basically any “stoner comedy” here. There’s things about weed that can help you write, play music, and be creative. But, there’s also that side of weed that makes you sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing productive.

6. Big – Forget that Wilma Flintstone has sex with a minor, technically. How many of us watched this as a kid and wanted the job where you play with toys all day? The job you’re doing doesn’t look so fun to do right now does it?

5. The Road – For as happy and fun as the last two categories were…this one is all about depression. Children of Men would have the same effect. You see a world that is so damn bleak – then sit back and look at what you need to do like what’s the point?

4. The Big Lebowski – This one is really centered on the character “the Dude”. Just wanting to be that cool as shit guy that sits around in his robe, and the most you get done in the day is a good afternoon at the bowling alley.

3. The Matrix – This fits under multiple categories. It has the sequels that FX and TBS will keep playing all weekend on repeat. But, then it also gets in your head. If you’re looking for any excuse not to do that TPS report…you’ll start believing this isn’t the ‘real world’. Where is my red pill?

2. Office Space – If you’ve ever worked (or are working) a dead-end job, watch this movie. It so perfectly illustrates the problems with working in a corporate world. All the characters who actually do their work and really try at their jobs get screwed over, the guy that decides to play Tetris gets a promotion. And, the guy that commits arson gets a vacation. Fuckin’ A.

1. Fight Club – All those problems with #2…this is the movie that attacks them. All I have to do is quote this movie and the things around you will look a lot less important…

“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.”
“Listen to me! You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you, never wanted you, and in all probability, he HATES you. It’s not the worst thing that can happen.”
“We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact.”


Woodstock ’99

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Seriously, how awesome was the year 1999? Its just been something that I keep thinking about lately when I look around at how our world is now, and what is happening in pop culture. Starting out with the amazing movies that came out; Fight Club, American Beauty, the Green Mile, Eyes Wide Shut, Office Space, Boondock Saints. The Matrix blew everyone’s minds away, where now it only gets remembered for its sequels, M. Night was the next big thing with the 6th Sense. Although, George Lucas was about to prove that he was full of shit and ruin most everyone’s childhoods in April of that year.

For those that hadn’t started driving to the theaters yet, we still had awesome TV shows with debuts from the Sopranos, Family Guy, and the West Wing. We still got to watch Michael J. Fox for one more year on Spin City. We did have to say goodbye to shows like NewsRadio, Home Improvement, and Doug.

Even the music industry brought the awesome that year. We were finally able to use the artist-formally-known-as-Prince song to its exact specifications. Napster launched, which completely changed the way we get our music. Britney Spears was hot as hell and still possibly a virgin. White people were allowed to listen to rap music when Eminem got unleashed on the world. We didn’t care when Dr. Dre’s “Detox” would finally drop, because we had “2001” to listen to. John Frusciante rejoined the Chilli Peppers to release Californication (arguably the best RHCP album). Travis Barker had joined Blink 182. Slipknot released their debut album. *its cool because I lived in Iowa*

Phillip J. Fry was still delivering pizzas while the Clinton administration had the country at tip top economic status despite impeachment and blowjobs. The US dollar was still pretty badass compared to this new “Euro” scam. Sarah Palin was only relevant to Alaskans. Dubya was hanging out in Texas.

Jesse Ventura was an actor-in-Predator-turned-governor that DIDN’T fuck the help. And, if you were into pro-wrestling…it was a hell of a year for that too. We didn’t call the Rock – Dwayne Johnson. WCW still existed. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the baddest man on the planet. Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Big Boss Man, Test, Kanyon, Eddie Guerrero, and Randy Savage were all still in the ring.

I’m a Denver Broncos fan, so I had the awesome experience of seeing John Elway finish his career with a 2nd Superbowl win. The city of Cleveland got its NFL team back – they are still waiting to celebrate. Not much has changed in the NBA…they had a lockout then too. It would be the last time we’d see Gretzky on ice. Baseball was slightly more exciting because of the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. I’m sure something happened in tennis, soccer and golf that year, I mean, I know Tiger was still good and all.

Best of all…we didn’t have to deal with “emo”, skinny jeans, crocs, and auto-tune.

The machines will make us dance…

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So, I’m combining two different articles I read about in the last couple days. The first one being a top 10 list for movies that are very unfaithful to science. One of them being the Matrix, because the human body does NOT actually produce much energy in a very efficient way. The second article being about a “power-generating dance floor”.

This sounds completely badass. People waste a ton of potential energy, and no I’m not talking about me sitting on a couch all day playing with my laptop. I mean when I go to the gym, and jump on the treadmill for a mile or so. Not only is the force I’m exerting being unused, but the machine takes power just to run the belt, displays, and tiny fans. Imagine if our resistance training would not include weights, but actually some kind of generator for electricity. I’m not exactly sure how the machines would look for actual strength training, but harnessing the energy of running/biking people should be fairly easy.

Well, the first step has been made, maybe not with gym-type exercise, but with dance. A few clubs around the globe have been putting in “power-generating dance floors”. I was reading an article about UK’s first club to try it out, and how it works…here.

This is pretty amazing, I don’t know how efficient it is, but I gotta think it’s a good thing. Rather than just having people come in and pretend to dance, jump around, and use up all their energy, they can harness that to power up all the lights and equipment to cut down on energy costs. Now, if they could only do something about the heat too…

But, this article proves the Matrix was wrong, we’re not going to just lie there bald and dreaming. The machines will make us dance. Think about it…what is the music played at most clubs lately? Techno! AKA…made mostly by computers and not instruments. So really, the scene where all of Zion is dancing after an uplifting Morpheus speech…that’s where they really harness the energy. Paul Oakenfold and Moby will be the death of us all…

Best use of songs in soundtracks.

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I’m diving back into the movie side of the entertainment industry again. I was just watching a couple movies this weekend, and thought, “that was a badass use of that song for this scene”. See as follows:

Mudvayne – Forget to Remember (SAW II) – I love the SAW movies. They bring a new twist to the gore genre. After this movie goes haywire, the credits roll and this song starts – awesome. The music video is one of the best, I think, in terms of really working with the movie. Some music videos just make random cuts to movie scenes, but this one really integrates the concept.

Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up & Calm Like a Bomb (Matrix) – They used Rage to end both the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded. C’mon, I think that’s perfect. Rage…against the MACHINE….get it? 😉 But also, those were cool songs to walk out of the theater with after the movies were done.

The Used – Pretty Handsome Awkward (Transformers) – Here’s one that I’m not just talking about the credits. This is seriously a cool guitar riff, and it works perfectly with a car chase. Heck, I even push a little harder on the gas pedal when this song is on in my own car.

Foo Fighters – My Hero (Varsity Blues) – Ok, if I remember right, they use this song twice. Which you really shouldn’t do, one use per movie only. I don’t remember the 2nd time, but when the song intro starts while they are dramatically lining up for a play…that’s a great usage.

Black Sabbath – Ironman (Iron Man) – Seriously, if you didn’t see this coming… 😛 What other song would fit this movie this absolutely perfect, if cliche’. Pretty much one of the oldest songs in heavy metal and still pretty cool.

Static-X – Cold (Queen of the Damned) – I would have used any of the songs Jonathan Davis did for the movie, but I wanted to stick to songs done originally before the movie. This is one of Static-X’s coolest songs. And, it fits with the whole “cold” and cold-blooded vampires. I chose not to use Deftones – Change, because they use that song in a ton of soundtracks.

Disturbed – Down With the Sickness (Dawn of the Dead, 2004) – The remake for Dawn of the Dead is pretty cool in itself. But this song fits perfectly. Sickness = Zombie Virus, wink-wink. But what really makes the song fit for me, is the use of Richard Cheese’s version during the movie, its hilarious. Side note – this song is ALSO in the Queen of the Dammed.

Foo Fighters – Tired of You (I Think I Love My Wife) – Not a terribly good movie, but it does have one saving grace. This Foo Fighters song is used as a sort of theme through a couple scenes in the movie. I think those were the two times that I looked up from my computer screen to the TV screen while it was on.

System of a Down – Lonely Day (Disturbia) – Shia Labeouf is being groomed as Hollywood’s future. He plays a much better nervous insecure guy than Jason Biggs. This System’ song just helps to prove how bored Shia is after being put under house arrest.

Metallica – I Disappear (Mission Impossible II) – Rumor has it that Metallica was not expecting to write this song. They were under the belief that a song was done to match the movie, and that the producers just wanted Metallica’s “sound” for it. The guys were on the way to the studio to record it when they learned that it was not already written for them. So in a half hour drive, they came up with a cooler song than anything in their Load, Reload, and St. Anger albums. It would also be the last song Jason Newstead would ever be a part of. I really like the video for it too. Oh, honorable mention…I loved the Limp Bizkit version of the MI theme song.