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What Happened to Hard Rock?

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For those that don’t know, I have worked in radio for about 8 years now. I like to think that I keep up with the latest music. I love anything with a distortion guitar. I used to be pretty closed-minded to where that’s all I would listen to, but opened up to appreciate rap, pop, techno, acoustic, and such (except country, my grandma listens to country, fuck country) ((Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash are ok))

Anyway…back to my point. I’m trying to keep up with the latest music and what’s coming out, and I notice more and more that I’m adding less and less new rock music to my library. With rap, I’m good, I’ve got tons of new stuff, Bad Meets Evil, Tyler the Creator, Kreayshawn, Nicki Minaj, etc… The radio station I work for keeps me updated with plenty of pop and top 40 with stuff like Katy Perry and One Republic. But, there’s no good rock music. I mean REAL rock music.

I scanned the Billboard charts. There’s a bunch of stuff from bands I grew up with. Foo Fighters (a band from the 90′s!) has 2 of the top 10 songs. Seether, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, Incubus – all good bands, but none of them are new. Where are the rock bands of this decade? We’re a year and a half into the 10′s and there are 2 bands on this chart that fit the bill of rock band – Adelitas Way and Art of Dying. Cage the Elephant has a few good rock songs also, but they came up at the end of the 00′s.

Now if you go look at the charts yourself, you may question me and say there are another 5-6 bands of this decade. Those aren’t rock bands. Sorry, this isn’t to say they aren’t good, just not a rock band. The Naked and Famous, Mumford and Sons, Foster the People – besides having 3-worded names – those are all just chill bands. They don’t pump your adrenaline, no one is using these for their entrance music to a fight, and I’m not going to press down harder on the gas pedal.

So while I try not to be as resentful as Henry Rollins, I still just want something badass to listen to once in a while.


Top 10 Songs to put you in a good mood…

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This is a list of songs that for whatever reason, always seem to get people happy. It’s almost guaranteed that when any one of these comes on the radio/ipod/jukebox…instant smile/head-nod/laugh or if you’re a group of drunk girls – scream.

Shown: Happiness

10. Len – Steal my Sunshine : I don’t think you can have a song with the word “sunshine” without it being at least somewhat happy. This song also contains the infectious beat and the sweet female verse…without being as annoying as Barbie Girl.  Add the fact that this is a one hit wonder – you have the Oh-I-know-this-song feeling.

9. White Stripes – We Are Gonna Be Friends : Ok, let the record state – I dislike Napolean Dynamite. But, it does contain this super-happy-fun-song in the soundtrack.  It’s impossible to be sad after hearing this song…the melody is like stuffing a fluffy bunny in one ear and marshmallows in the other. 

8. House of Pain – Jump Around : All you have to hear is that opening brass – Bah… Bah bah Baaaaaaahhhmmm…  – and you want to hit the dance floor. Possibly the top white-rap of all time. The rhymes are fairly easy to spout (allowing any wannabe MC to think they are cool for 3 minutes and 30 seconds). Best part of all, you don’t even need dance moves – just… well… jump around.

7. Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice : Similar to song above, in terms of energy…only cooler. Snoop has such a silky smooth delivery when he raps…its like he could tell you he will straight up murder you and you will strangely be ok with it. But it’s fine, because while Dr. Dre also adds his production and vocals, it’s the least threatening song from either of them. They just wanna kick back and have a good time – pocket full of rubbers optional.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner : Awesome band, awesome song. Every line in this tune is about a whole town just unwinding and rockin’ out. While not only being classic, it also contains the #1 rule to making a great sing-a-long — repeat the chorus a shit-ton towards the end. Try not to get it stuck in your head.

5. Incubus – Drive :  Perfect song for when you need a little inspiration. But the best thing about this song is that it fits to almost any situation – love, stress, work, life – and it doesn’t mention the bad things what so ever. It’s just all positive.

4. Outkast – Hey Ya : 1,2,3,4 ! Pretty much any of Outkast’s singles are infectious. This song, I think, is the most fun…containing simple choruses, quick verses, and one of the best “breakdowns” ever for the bridge.

3. Andrew WK – Party Hard : Very simple message contained here…party, then party some more, and when you’re done with that, party harder. While you bang your head to this one, do yourself a favor and look up “Andrew WK’s Party Tips” from his Twitter account…then enjoy the rest of your life.

2. Sublime – What I Got : This would be a perfect song for a one hit wonder…but it turns out that Sublime has a bunch of other awesome songs too. This song is kind of the opposite of Drive…in that it does talk about some crappy stuff. But, it just oozes optimism. Great song for cruising around with the windows down.

1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing : Fuck this song, fuck its life…its so damn positive. And you can’t just listen to a little piece of it either… Scanning the radio? You know you’ll stop if you even think you hear this one. Sitting at a bar? First line starts and BOOM! you try to hit all the high notes. You know why Hands Across America failed? It’s because they wanted that thing to last 15 minutes…this song is only 4 minutes long!

*Happy Birthday Brittney*

American Idol: VOTE to 5702 & 5703

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Ok, not going to do a big review here. Just wanted to give a quick thought to tonight’s performances.

Danny – Can sing his ass off. He has bored me and greatly undershot my expectations. He was awesome when the competition started, easily set himself as a front-runner amongst all the less talented. For a while, I was hoping him and his buddy would go all the way to being #1 and #2. His talent alone got him this far. He’s got a great personality along with it. But his performances recently have been lackluster. For the first time I am saying: this needs to be the end of the road for Danny Gokey.

Adam – Anyone who doesn’t think Adam is talented – please comment with a good reason why not. Then I’m going to say this, there is no good reason why Adam shouldn’t be this season’s winner. Easily the best performer. The guy is just plain cool. If “gay” is something you have a problem with…please refer to Rob Halford and Freddy Mercury. If broadway is another term you’d want to throw around, remember that Sebastian Bach (Skidrow) has been just one of many rockstars on broadway. He’s the first true “rockstar” that’s come along on this show. Daughtry is a good singer/songwriter…but doesn’t have the personality and charisma. David #1 from last year is elevator music comparatively. And, I don’t even know what that one long haired guy’s name is…

Kris – So, I can’t believe I’m actually full-on supporting Kris Allen for the finals. The guy has been SO damn boring to me this whole season. But, he and his funny mouth impressed me tonight. He did a decent version of “Apologize”, which would have been just fine on any previous show…but a little tame at this stage of the competition. Then he whips out “Heartless” – Kanye take notes: he smashed you on this song. I’ve hated this song when it comes on the radio, because Mr. West’s version is injected with entirely too much Auto-tunage. Kris stripped it down, just his vocals and his acoustic. One of the coolest songs of the whole season.

Metallica: Hall of Fame (with Jason)

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Thought I’d share a video I watched today. For all the Metallica fans out there. It’s not the greatest performance, but it’s still cool to see Jason Newstead up on stage with them.

My 10 Most “Intense Songs”

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So I came across this on another blog on yahoo. Where the writer had compiled a list of “The 20 Most Intense Tracks Of All Time”. I decided that I disagree with most of what was there, basically just out of taste of music. But really, check out my tracks then see theirs HERE – tell me what you think.

10. Foo Fighters – All My Life – That opening riff layered with the vocals has enough intensity on its own, then the rest of the band kicks in. But the feelings really kick in during the bridge buildup.

9. Hurt – Rapture (Acoustic) – The original version could be right here in this spot also, but for all intensity purposes, the acoustic version is nuts. Very raw vocal aggression turns this horrifying story into a great song.

8. System of a Down – Spiders – It starts out very soft and eerie. The guitars kick in and add bursts of energy. The bridge combinds everything and just keeps building.

7. Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad – Just like the first verse says “thoughts at a thousand miles an hour” – this is a very intense rap song. Andre and Big Boi speed through this song and don’t let up. It’s relentless, only slowing down for the hook.

6. Nirvana – You Know Your Right – The other list included Smells Like Teen Spirit. While it’s a great song, it doesn’t hold a candle to the intensity and chaos of this later Nirvana song. I almost feel Kurt purposefully trying to damage his vocals with each wail and angst ridden lyric.

5. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows – That drum part is what really takes this song to another level. But, that’s not to discredit the guitar parts either.

4. Nine Inch Nails – Hurt – Everyone seems to forget about the original version of this song. Yeah, the Johnny Cash version is epic, but only Trent Reznor can deliver this song’s special brand of somber intensity.

3. Metallica – Wherever I May Roam – Oh, the many Metallica tracks I could’ve chosen. This one takes the cake for intensity and buildup. It’s got one of the coolest intros of all time.

2. Muse – Assassin – This song is just insane. The guitars, drums, bass, vocals all have so much tension and the rhythm just barrels through.

1. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell – This has one of the greatest riffs in all of metal. Dimebag and Phil are at their best with this track. The song itself makes your foot 20 lbs heavier when you’re driving down the highway.

Songs I am Addicted to This Week

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Well here’s a post I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve just been too busy and not feeling creative enough to write something of quality. BUT there is some cool stuff out there that I’ve been listening to!

1. Dommin – My Heart, Your Hands – I came across this while I was on the Roadrunner Records website. Never heard of this band before, but this is definitly a cool song. They kind of remind me of Type O Negative. They have that big epic sound – there are chimes in the background (my favorite part of the song)

2. Thriving Ivory – Angels on the Moon – When I first saw the video for this, I actually hated it. I thought the guy’s voice was annoying and didn’t actually look like it was coming from him. The voice didn’t match the face. But, this song grew on me, I haven’t really liked any of their other songs, but this one is cool.

3. Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend – So this was a suprise entry into the genre I like to call “raunch-rock” – ie Buckcherry ‘crazy bitch’, Nickelback ‘animals’, Saving Abel ‘addicted’. Usually ToaD is pretty much regular old rock, power chords, catchy lyrics, radio friendly, and for this band some sort of dislike for California/Hollywood. This song is pretty sweet though, its got all of the above minus the SoCal dis’ing. And, you gotta love when you’re not a rapper and can get your own name into your lyrics “Man she’s hot and fixed to be the future ex-miss Connolly!”

4. Blue October – Come in Closer – Have you seen Blue October’s live DVD ‘Argue with a Tree’ ? If not, do so. Especially if you are an ‘October fan. My roommate had it in college and that’s what made me fall in love with this band. I recently dug into my stash and watched it again this weekend. This song is towards the end. It’s got such a cool aura to it. One of the only times they’ve had a guest singer. Zayra Alvarez, same chick that was one of the contestants on Rockstar: Supernova, does a great job complimenting Justin’s vocals.

5. Heroes Del Silencia – Avalancha – Older band and song, but I was introduced to this from Guitar Hero III. Which I’ve argued with myself whether or  not that’s a good thing. Regardless of this being a personal late discovery, this song rocks. I don’t speak any Spanish, so I have no clue what the lyrics are, although there’s something about an avalanche, I’m guessing. Really catchy, and really cool guitar parts. 

6. Flyleaf – What’s This – Should have written about this a month ago when I got a copy of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack – all covers. My favorite track from the album. It’s haunting and humorous, and it stands alone as a song without the movie really, which the other’s don’t as much.

7. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – You Better Pray – I didn’t realize this song was by this band when I first heard it. Its more mature, less emo/punky than their earlier stuff. In some ways it actually reminds me of Guns-n-roses, just a little.

8. Saving Abel – New Tattoo – And another one to add to the raunch-rock category. I really like that it kind of narrates a story as well as being a catchy song. Definitly puts some imagery into my mind. …and kind of makes me want to look up my local ink shop.

9. Sick Puppies – Say My Name – One of the coolest covers ever. Take Destiny’s Child, remove everything R&B about it, then sing the chorus over Green Day’s – ‘Brainstew’ chords. Oh, and add some F- words. Sweet. Suprisingly fun to listen to while working out.

10. Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care – Apocalyptica, a band cool enough on their own. Add some guest singers, and you’ve got some good radio tunes. (See Apocalyptica Ft. Corey Taylor – I’m Not Jesus). Adam Gontier already sings some of the most angst filled lyrics when he’s doing his own stuff with Three Days Grace. Put him with violins and you’ve got a tidal wave of emotion. One of those few songs that I like to listen to 2 or 3 times in a row before I move onto the next song.

Marilyn Manson – returning to form?

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So I’m a pretty big fan of the shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson. I never purchased any of his albums when I was younger, but I always turned up the radio when his songs came on. That’s how I got hooked on his music and have kept up with him ever since. His singles kick ass, Beautiful People, Disposable Teens, Dope Show, MobScene. Then I think he does some of the coolest covers, Personal Jesus, Sweet Dreams, and my personal favorite – Tainted Love. When John 5 joined – that was an added bonus, he played some cool guitar parts. At that time Manson was all about writing his brand of shocking and gothic lyrics.

Manson performing live in 2007.Then something started going wrong. Twiggy had left as bassist, John 5 left to play guitar for Rob Zombie, and Manson was doing songs that seriously lacked his trademark edge. “Eat Me Drink Me” was a weak album. “Mutilation is the most…” was just him complaining about others doing imitations of himself. “Heart-Shaped Glasses” was a weird sort of love song to Evan Rachel Wood – his 19 year old girlfriend. Overall on the album, his vocals were pretty tame and the guitars were even more so.

Well, if you feel like me – I think things are about to get a lot better. Twiggy rejoined Manson not too long ago, and they are working on an all new album. Manson and Wood have split. And, the latest thing I’ve read is that Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns) is currently Manson’s touring guitarist. Which if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you’d know I’m a big fan of his too. I don’t think he is contributing to the writing or recording of the new album, but I’m sure that they are putting in pretty heavy guitar parts for him to play on stage. And, its still not completed, so there’s still opportunity for Wes to jump in and add his own flavor. So I’m thinking this new album will be pretty killer. Manson described the new album as, “very ruthless, very heavy, and very violent” – (wikipedia). – SWEET!

Wes Borland Interview Here